Strattera is used for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Strattera – a drug designed to reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity syndrome “attention deficit”. The main active ingredient of the drug is Atomoxetine. This substance affects the system as a vector of norepinephrine.

Buy Strattera Online
Buy Strattera Online
The principles of this system of regulation is extremely complicated, so we will reduce the description of pharmacological activity of drugs, noting only that it is able to normalize the patient’s condition, to remove excessive anxiety. In this case, Strattera does not belong to the class of psychoactive agents, does not cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms. This drug is designed for school-age children and older patients.

Used Strattera at:

  • ADHD in patients over the age of six.

Form of production of Strattera capsules. Them accept once a day or divide one dose to two doses – morning and evening. In this regard, the manual of drug Strattera specifically mentions that the capsule cannot be open and sharing! Its contents may cause severe irritation of the eyes, must not fall on hands and surfaces. So, if you want to split the dose of techniques you should purchase a pack of this drug, with lower dosage and take the morning and evening for a whole capsule.

If the health of the kidneys or liver of the patient suffering is a result of the slowed metabolism Atomoxetine. In these cases, the dose of Strattera should be adjusted downward. The doctor, assigning treatment can increase the dose to achieve the desired effect, and then transfer the patient to support drug quantity.

Strattera contraindicated when:

  • Treatment of drugs from the group of MAO inhibitors;
  • Lesions of the heart in severe form;
  • Glaucoma (angle-closure);
  • Individual intolerance of the drug;
  • Breastfeeding and children under school age;

be wary appoint this remedy when

  • Physical exertion, diseases of the cardiovascular system, convulsions in anamnesis, pregnancy and etc.

Side effects and overdose Strattera.

This medicine is quite safe, but, of course, it has a systemic effect on the body and can cause undesirable effects. For example, more than ten percent of patients complain of disturbances of digestion or drowsiness, lethargy. In addition, Strattera can have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, to cause Allergy. In case of any adverse symptoms should consult a doctor who will assess their strength, the danger and decide on termination or continuation of therapy. Some phenomena, for example, nausea that accompany just the beginning of the reception of Strattera and stop the treatment is not required.

If there was an overdose with this drug – the patient needs skilled care. Required is the willingness to maintain the vital functions of breathing, heart activity. In mild overdose usually occurs Strattera dyspepsia, the excitation of the nervous system. But known lethal cases of acute overdose.

Reviews about Strattera.

Views and reviews about Atomoxetine – the most ambiguous. Despite the soothing assurances given in the instructions, that the drug is quite safe – in practice this is heavy medicine. And of course, no parent to decide to give Strattera your child until you come to the understanding that other, non-pharmacological, methods have no effect.

Many children in the early course of Atomoxetine experience side effects – drowsiness, low blood pressure (including fainting), nausea, mydriasis (dilated pupils). They can manifest with different intensity:

-The son was not particularly sluggish. Just lay down to rest during the day, which, of course, with us not happen without medication.

– Began to drink Strattera – dilated pupils, says dizzy. Evening reception with us in five hours. By morning feeling better, but pupils are not coming back to normal.

Some of the parents refuses to treat with this medicine, as it has not been investigated fully. There are reports that some patients identified a suicidal tendency, in which “blame” the use of Strattera.

From the positive feedback, it is possible to demonstrate such:

-We have become a little calmer. More manageable. Can’t say that the condition is quite normal, but any changes there.

– Drink the first two weeks of Strattera plus Gatilin. Then go to the doctor. Improve very implicit. But they say that only after two weeks (minimum) it is possible to speak about effectiveness of therapy – we’ll see.

In General, it is understood that drug is a medicine that is only beginning to be introduced into the practice of treatment. Although in many sources it is called “the main drug for the treatment of ADHD” – effect of the drug on the health of patients requires further study in many aspects. Perhaps then would be adjusted and manual of Strattera.

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