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Toprol XL is a drug which is used if necessary to reduce the load on the heart muscle, lower pressure. Same active component is the basis of drugs, such as ageLOC, Vasocardin, Betalok ZOK, and so on. Heart under the influence of Toprol XL relaxes in some way – that is, removed abnormal and excessive excitability of this muscle of the body.

Buy Toprol XL Online
Buy Toprol XL Online

This reduces the number of heart contractions, the myocardium requires less oxygen. In this regard, and gradually decreasing the pressure. Under the influence of this medication, practically, does not change carbohydrate metabolism or insulin production by the pancreas. Toprol XL is prescribed for various diseases of the heart – failures of rhythm of the heartbeat, angina, mitral valve prolapse. This medicine may accompany the treatment of myocardial infarction in the acute period and continue to be included in supportive therapy. Also, indications are hyperthyroidism, hypertension, migraine.

Release Toprol XL in the form of tablets, including sustained release, and a solution for parenteral administration (injections). Manual of drug reports that it is administered by injection to patients who are not able to take his pills. As soon as the patient begins to feel better – you can translate it on pills Toprol XL. The dose of this medicine is chosen individually. Toprol XL taken daily, for a long time.

Not shown not take this medicine in various lesions of the heart associated with a lack of excitability of cardiac muscle – weakness of sinus node, slow cardiac rhythm (bradycardia), heart failure and so on. Also, not Toprol XL prescribed for hypoglycemia (reduced concentration of blood sugar, for example, diabetes), acidosis (shift of the reaction of the internal environment of the organism in the acidic side), the propensity to bronchospasm and so on.

Side effects and overdose Toprol XL.

Unwanted symptoms while taking Toprol XL are rare and are at lower doses or drug discontinuation. However, you should not take this drug lightly, as its effects are systematic and primarily affect the cardiovascular apparatus.

When possible overdose a very serious condition – up to coma, heart failure and bronchospasm. Drugs from the group of barbiturates, alcohol can increase unwanted action Toprol XL. For the relief of these conditions need the intervention of qualified health professionals. If you know that the patient recently took a higher dose of Toprol XL – you should immediately rinse his stomach, to give absorbents and call 911.

Reviews about Toprol XL.

This drug and its analogs takes a huge number of people – patients with hypertension, abnormalities of the heart. Accordingly, and reviews about Mtoprolol many and very diverse. Usually, after a gradual selection of the necessary dosage, Toprol XL drinking throughout life. Thus, ideally, should stabilize the numbers of blood pressure and speed heart rate.

But, of course, this does not always happen. Many patients, especially at the beginning of treatment, questions arise about the compatibility of Toprol XL with other drugs or substances. For example, one man used to take a tincture of herbs and asked, is it possible to combine this practice with the use of this drug. It is obvious that by themselves, herbs can be taken with Toprol XL, but if we are talking about an alcohol tincture, you should cut back her dosage to a few drops.

Reviews and talk about insomnia, and even impotence, developed on the background of treatment, a scheme which consisted of Toprol XL. But it is impossible to predict whether he was the cause of these conditions. Rather, such violations were caused by the original disease of the cardiovascular system or other drugs.

Overall, the health of patients who carefully take the necessary individual dose Toprol XL, is improving. If one month after the start of therapy, similar improvements are not observed is a task for the attending physician, who must continue the selection of treatment regimens.

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