Vermox is used to treat infections, caused by worms

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Vermox is an antihelmintic, or in ordinary language, antihelminthic drug. A list of intestinal parasites wide, Vermox is considered to be most effective when infection with ascarids, pinworms and vlasoglavami.
Drug can be used for adults and children 2 years of age. The drug is convenient because rarely requires long-term use. When pinworm infection (enterobiasis) enough to take Vermox one time, adults – 100 mg, children up to 12 years – not more than 50 mg. other infections. When the drug is used for three days. Laxatives and other medicines are not required! Longer use is possible only under a doctor’s supervision! Typically, one treatment course Vermox is enough with careful personal hygiene, but to prevent through the week once again to take the drug. After treatment through the week, turn in a stool sample to verify the effectiveness of the measures taken.
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