Cheap Bactrim Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects

Bactrim is a drug, acting on harmful bacteria. It belongs to the group of sulfonamides and contains two active ingredients: sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. They have a broad spectrum activity against different bacteria (e.g. staphylococci, Listeria, Shigella, Klebsiella and many others), and protozoa.

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Bactrim has a bactericidal action, i.e. destroys all forms of microorganisms both adults and developing. Absolute analogue of this medication is Biseptol.

Bactrim is used for:

  • Respiratory infections, including pneumonia, lung abscess and so on;
  • Infections of the genitourinary system, including cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, and so on;
  • Infections of the digestive system, including cholera, cholecystitis, diarrhea and so on;
  • Infections of the ear, throat and nose, including sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis;
  • Infections of skin and soft tissues, including abrasions, festering wounds, acne and so on;
  • Other infectious processes such as malaria, toxoplasmosis, osteomyelitis and others.

Release Bactrim in suspension. The pack contains a measuring spoon. Treatment this product is prescribed to the patients from the second month of life. Manual of drug Bactrim contains a description of the three schemes of its dosing for patients over the age of twelve years:

  • Standard four scoops in the morning and evening;
  • Minimum, designed for long, for more than two weeks, therapy two scoops in the morning and evening;
  • Maximum, designed for severe cases of six scoops twice a day.

Also, for some specific infections prescribed special scheme using the medication. For example, women whose health is suffering from acute but uncomplicated, cystitis, can take one-eight to twelve spoons of suspension. For younger patients the dose of antibiotic is calculated from their weight and condition.
Take Bactrim after eating. A single dose of medication must be accompanied by copious drinking.

Bactrim is contraindicated in:

  • Severe dysfunction of kidneys or liver;
  • Some diseases of the blood;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • The treatment of children under the age of two months;

– with caution –

  • The deficiency of folic acid, including, chronic alcoholism, elderly patients;
  • Severe allergies or bronchial asthma;
  • Disorders of the thyroid gland.

Side effects and overdose Bactrim.

The use of this antibiotic may harm the gastrointestinal tract, causing digestive disorders, pancreatitis, a malfunction of the liver and so on. On the part of the respiratory system you may experience cough, lung disease. Nervous system some patients respond to treatment with Bactrim an undesirable way. May develop headaches, depression, hallucinations and other side effects. In addition, this drug can cause of renal disease, the blood, allergic reactions of various types.

Overdose Bactrim cause a dangerous condition characterized by severe poisoning, disorders of the nervous system. The patient needs skilled care. Including, can be shown hemodialysis.

Reviews about Bactrim.

Every antibiotic has its active proponents and opponents. Here and reviews of Bactrim show that this remedy, also, gathered a circle of adherents and detractors.

First tell, how it is managed quickly and without unwanted effects be cured with the help of Bactrim various diseases:

-My daughter was a few months when there was severe laryngitis. Prescribed this antibiotic and literally the first day of admission her condition improved. The disease was quick and without a trace. I believe that we need correctly and in time to give antibiotics. Then and complications.

-Cured by Bactrim bad cold with high fever. For complete recovery only took a week.

Not everyone, however, the medicine helps so radically:

-In cystitis took Bactrim. The aggravation has passed, but the disease itself remains. Just died down.

There are also those who heard or experienced the side effects of this drug. These people oppose the use of Backtime:

-I had Straseni allergic to the Bactrim. Children I did not give for nothing.

-How many insist that Biseptol, Bactrim, should not be given to children. Too many pobochki. But on the ground it continued out of habit to prescribe. Parents need to be more critical of the prescriptions of doctors.

Indeed, no special need to apply the Bactrim is very lightly. But in some cases you just need a strong and fast-acting remedy. Sometimes the best solution is the use of Bactrim or a similar drug that will inhibit the infectious process, destroy health. To understand in what position is the patient, how serious the infection is how the body is in urgent need of assistance only able competent doctor. This specialist should trust and obey his instructions with precision. Also discussed all the possible questions and fears that are associated with the medication.

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