Bupropion is an antidepressant for treating depression.

Bupropion is, in fact, not self-medication, and active ingredient. It’s an antidepressant that reduces the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine, to a lesser degree affects the metabolism of serotonin and does not affect the metabolic enzyme monoamine oxidase. As with other substances of this series, the exact mechanism of action of Bupropion is unknown.

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Buy Bupropion Online
However, studied how the treatment affects the patient’s health. This medication is able to relieve depression of any severity, from mild, to severe. Also, long-term (over a year) taking Bupropion to avoid recurrence of this condition.

Used in:

  • The acute phase of depression and for the prevention of relapses and exacerbations.

Release tablets Bupropion prolonged effect. Them accept once a day. Dose increases gradually, starting from 150 mg – with an increment of 100 mg per week. Single dose should not exceed 450 mg. Standard dose for adult patients is 300 mg For elderly patients the standard dose should be halved. Accordingly, and to begin treatment requires lower quantities.

Manual of drug Bupropion reports that the tablets should be swallowed whole, washed down with adequate amount of water. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the medication can be carried out not earlier than two weeks from the start of therapy. In some cases the results become apparent later.

Contraindicated in:

  • Conditions caused by sudden abstinence from alcohol or sedative drugs;
  • The treatment of patients suffering from seizure disorders;
  • Bulimia, anorexia nervosa;
  • Combined with medications from the group of MAO inhibitors – between the end and the beginning of Bupropion treatment must be at least 2 weeks;
  • The treatment of juvenile patients and nursing mothers;

with caution when

  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system;
  • The treatment of older people.

Pregnant Bupropion can be assigned only by strict necessity.

Side effects and overdose.

Bupropion was studied quite a lot. The result was a list of unwanted effects with the directions of the frequency of each symptom. Most often patients complain of headaches, nausea and indigestion, insomnia. To avoid sleep disturbance, it is recommended not to take drugs Bupropion in the evening. In some cases, to overcome adverse effects should temporarily reduce the dose.

This substance in high doses can cause convulsions. Therefore, you should strictly adhere to recommended treatment regimens and not to neglect the terms described in the section “contraindications”.

Overdose Bupropion causes serious disturbances of the heart and nervous system. The patient needs to be hospitalized, monitoring and maintaining vital functions of the body.

Reviews about Bupropion.

Drug Wellbutrin already been registered in the Federation, but while it is not in pharmacies. However, we can learn from the experiences of its use by patients living in the CIS countries where the medicine came first. There is a very detailed and serious reviews of Bupropion professionals and their charges.

For example, one patient describes his experience with the drug:

– Drinking Wellbutrin three weeks. By the end of the second week I felt confident antidepressant effect, but after a couple of days I start to itch all over the body. Moreover, the rash only appeared on his arm. It was painful. I had to interrupt the therapy.

Such undesirable effects Bupropion described. In this situation, you should stop the drug and wait for the disappearance of side effects, and then resume treatment.

There are reports that the drug has not helped, and what therapy they have been very successful. And here that writes about Bupropion doctor:

– I’m talking about Wellbutrine, not generics. He is always assigned in any combination. Sometimes it takes, literally, small amounts of other drugs that help to correct the first response to treatment. Many this medicine is perfect – its effect patients describe as “natural”. That is, they just feel better for not noticing the effects of the drug. The mood becomes more even – without gratuitous episodes of “joy” or “longing”. A person is able to more vigorous activity.

The same doctor spoke about the incidence of withdrawal from Bupropion the bright side effects or even worsening the condition of the patient. It is important to understand that this – chemical – interventions in the psyche is a very delicate and dangerous process. Here’s Amateur. You must rely on the experience of a good doctor. Then, maybe that Bupropion will be most appropriate for you medicine.

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