Risperdal is used for treating schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.


Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug of high activity. The main sphere of its application in psychiatry. Active substance Risperdal, risperidone, reduces the active symptoms of schizophrenia and similar conditions – delirium, hallucinations, obsessions. In addition, this substance is observed sedative, antiemetic and hypothermic effect.

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Buy Risperdal Online

The mechanisms of action of Risperdal is very complicated, so use this medicine without exact indications of the doctor – a clear sign of mental illness.

Risperdal is available in different pharmacological forms – the main ones are: tablets and solution for intramuscular injection, characterized by prolonged action. Drug is suitable to treat acute conditions, seizures, and prolonged use of patients. This drug is prescribed and when a sudden onset of schizophrenia, first episodes, and during its chronic course. Levels Risperdal acute seizures, behavioral disorders, conditions mania, depression, anxiety. Manual of preparation describes how the application of various forms of drugs in different States. This information is, of course, only specialists.

The same can be said about the list of contraindications and side effects. These are just some of them, with the aim to prevent unauthorized use of drug. Risperdal definitely contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, adolescents under fifteen years of age, people with individual intolerance to its components. About side effects instructions Risperdal said that he usually well tolerated even with prolonged use. However, often, its unintended effect can lead to the phenomenon, difficult to distinguish from symptoms of the underlying disease. In short, I must say that drug, a neuroleptic as any, affects all organs and systems of the body and its use can not only impair health but can be fatal, especially in elderly patients.

Reviews about Risperdal.

If you read the reviews about Risperdal, it appears strange picture – it is often prescribed to children, even of preschool age. My impressions about using Risperdal for children with autism, share their mothers. Among them there are active opponents and proponents of this drug. Most in their reviews have noted that with regular admission are observed certain side-effects – from apathy and depression to twitching of the face during sleep, enuresis. But many agree that when a child suffers from hyperactivity, can not what to focus on, manifests itself aggression – drug helps to remove these effects. There is a very touching feedback from parents on Risperdal, tell me, what could learn them baby, when I started to take this medicine.

Adult patients, mostly schizophrenics – are to share their experience of using Risperdal. Their feedback suggests that an acute condition takes the drug, however, appears anxiety, especially in the evenings. Half of them in the beginning of treatment was observed fatigue, weakness. The other half of the disinhibition, restlessness, stereotyped movements.

It is obvious that such a delicate structure like the human psyche, barely correctable. Even modern medicine can not boast the presence of drugs, capable of capturing acute and chronic mental disorders, without affecting the patient’s health. However, when no choice remains, drug, after all, is more preferable than many other antipsychotics.

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