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Requip is a drug for the maintenance of patients with Parkinson’s disease and also shown in some vascular disorders. Its active ingredient is Ropinirole. In its properties Requip is a dopamine receptor antagonist or dofaminomimetiki.

Buy Requip Online
Buy Requip Online

The effect of this medicine is reflected in the improvement of metabolic processes in the brain – enhance breathing, blood circulation, conduction of impulses. This activity noted during wakefulness of the patient, and during sleep. Due to the foregoing, this drug affects nearly all the motor symptoms observed in Parkinson’s disease.

Besides, Requip has an impact on peripheral vessels by relaxing their smooth muscles. Because of this it is sometimes used in the treatment of various pathologies accompanied by spasm, the narrowness of vessels, for example, extremities.

Requip is used for:

  • Parkinson’s Disease. Treatment can only be carried out with this drug or its combination with medications that stimulate production of dopamine (Levodopa, NAK);
  • Intermittent claudication;
  • Eye diseases associated with circulatory failure;
  • Disorders of consciousness – memory, concentration and so on.

Requip is produced in the form of tablets with the gradual release of the substance. Instruction emphasizes the drug, which dosage it vary, depending on the diagnosis in Parkinson’s taking Requip in large doses, whereas in other disorders the dose is in less than two or three times. This medicine is used after eating, squeezed small amounts of water.

Requip is contraindicated when:

  • Collapse (severe decrease in blood pressure, accompanied by prostration, unconsciousness and so on);
  • Severe cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infarction;
  • Treatment antipsychotic neuroleptics (except Clozapine, Azaleptin);
  • Pregnancy and lactation (no sufficient data).

Side effects and overdose Requip.

The strength of the unwanted action of this tool depends on its dose. Typically, these effects are accompanied by the beginning of the treatment.

Symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, bloating – can occur in patients taking Requip. But, as a rule, their symptoms improved after correct selection of the dose. Occasionally observed mental disorders, drowsiness (sudden occurring during the day, sometimes insurmountable). These undesirable effects Requip cannot stop and has to stop the drug. In addition, the possible effects of drugs on the vascular system of the patient is hypotension or instability of the pressure. Can develop allergic.

All of the above symptoms may occur with an overdose of Requip. Treatment of its consequences depends on the condition of the patient.

Reviews about Requip.

Everyone knows that Parkinson’s is very hard. Therefore, patients and their relatives usually try to implement the recommendations of the experts, risking their own to change the prescribed therapy. However, this does not prevent them to give feedback on Requip and other medications that can be used.

So, you can see that Requip side often causes severe symptoms. For example, severe headaches or even hallucinations. Especially careful you have to be when you share Requip with other funds, because it is sometimes very difficult to determine what the drug effect is undesirable. There are positive reviews about this drug: because of him, the man regained motor activity and the quality of his life improved.

If the health of a person affected by Parkinson’s disease or any vascular disorder – the patient may be prescribed Requip. From the first days of therapy, it was necessary to closely monitor the patient’s condition, to spot early signs of the side effects of the drug. Including, you need to measure your blood pressure, pulse rate. If you notice any abnormalities new symptoms, immediately tell your doctor.

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