Nootropil Purchase: Description, Use, Analogs, Reviews, Prices, Dosage.

Nootropil is a fairly well-known remedy which regulates the functions of the brain. Piracetam is part of the drug, and is an active active ingredient. It affects memory, promotes its recovery, is also influenced by the consciousness and human speech. When taken, this drug is much better absorbed glucose, and all know that the brain always needs it.

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When applying Nootropil interaction of the hemispheres is much more active, nervous tissue on ishemizirovannah sites is restored, brain cells become more resistant to the effects of toxic substances and lack of oxygen. Based on this drug is used in cases such as reduced brain function due to a stressful situation, over-voltage, – that is, temporary phenomena. Also, Nootropil is appointed and in the presence of various pathologies, such as stroke, injuries, poisonings, Alzheimer’s disease, senile age, child age, mental retardation, and etc.

The form of Nootropil different. This tablets and capsules, there is a solution for injection, infusion, and for receiving peroralno. To the drug attached instructions in which there is a description of the recommended dosages and treatment regimens. The instructions say that this drug it is not toxic and, therefore, the effect of overdose. However, there is information on contraindications of drugs. First of all, is the occurrence of hypersensitive Nootropil, kidney problems, depression, expressed in restless behaviour.


The drug should not be taken by pregnant women, during lactation. Also this medicine do not give to kids under the age of years. The manual warns about possible side effects are headache, dizziness, increased motor activity, feeling of General disinhibition. Also the patient may experience difficulty sleeping. All of these actions can occur as the brain functions are enhanced under the influence of Nootropil. The drug differently interacts with other drugs, it must be taken into account, and be very careful. Obviously, this drug should not be taken uncontrollably, Nootropil is used only as directed by a specialist neurologist.

Reviews about Nootropil.

Patients taking this drug to leave your feedback about Nootropil on various forums where people discuss the questions. There are reports from students who use Nootropil before exams. Often the medication is used prophylactically. But there are many users who strongly oppose such use of drugs. As a rule, people do not have reliable information about the drug, and they are sure that it is prescribed only survivor of the mad old men or violent mentally ill patients.

The people that took the drug to support with stress, write that noticeable improvements. Often, patients complain of headache, dizziness. But it should be noted that the drug Nootropil is well known and often used. It is very effective in the treatment of pathologies of the brain, and this fact no one disputes. As a preventive agent this medicine is not always an option, nowadays there are many modern drugs have similar actions that are assigned to it in the prevention. Everyone needs to remember that the uncontrolled use of drugs is dangerous, and always need to consult a specialist. Only in this case you can be sure that you are taking a medicine that will help you.

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