Buy Cheap Paroxetine Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

The drug Paroxetine is a means of antianxiety and antidepressant action. In the composition of the drug is paroxetine, through which the Central nervous system receives serotonin, it is called the “hormone of joy” in greater numbers. While taking this drug, changes in the patient’s mood for the better.

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The antidepressant Paroxetine is indicated for nervousness, various obsessions, depression, in a state of panic anxiety, social phobias, unreasonable anxiety, as well as the presence of post-traumatic syndrome.
Drug Paroxetine can be used as a single agent for the treatment and the combined therapy, adding other drugs. Paroxetine is prescribed for the treatment of acute state and as maintenance drugs in the period of remission.

Pharmaceutical companies produce the tablets Paroxetine. The drug is instructions, where specified therapeutic scheme are suggested dosage, in accordance with various conditions of the patient. However, to determine the method of treatment with this antidepressant, you should seek the advice of a specialist, to make their own medicines, this action is not recommended. The drug Paroxetine is indicated for use as adult patients and children, starting from school age. Paroxetine is appointed in neurosis, compulsive condition obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobias. There is no information on how this drug works for depression in adolescents.

Like other drugs this operation, Paroxetine has many contraindications. The instructions are diseases such as functional disorders of the liver and kidneys, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and of course, the drug is banned for use in the case of individual intolerance of the active substances of medications. This drug is not recommended for pregnant women, during lactation. In this case, a positive outcome of treatment justifies the potential risk from use.

Paroxetine should not be combined with so many medicines, and if you are prescribed this drug and you are already taking other medications, make sure you put notify your doctor. In the treatment of Paroxetine, there is a systemic effect, i.e., the drug affects all systems and organs of the body. Therefore, side effect can occur in any organ. Note that the drug has a withdrawal syndrome, usually it manifests in adolescent patients. In this regard, to dramatically finish the course of treatment is not recommended, the dose should be reduced slowly. Both the beginning and the end of Paroxetine treatment must control specialist.

Reviews about Paroxetine.

In most messages, reviews about drug the patients expressed a positive opinion. They emphasize that the visible effect comes a week after the start of medication. In most cases, does not mention side effects and other undesirable symptoms from taking this medication.

At the same time there are descriptions of the syndrome Paroxetine, which was held in a very severe form. In such cases, patients had to resort to using tranquilizers, sleeping pills, nootropic drugs. Therefore, it is not surprising that many patients are warning that Paroxetine is too toxic, and has a large number of negative effects.

Based on numerous reviews and opinions of patients we can only say that this drug should not be used alone. In that case, if the drug is prescribed by a doctor for your own peace of mind to consult with another specialist, to clarify the dosage of medication. You have to remember not to change the dose, forget about the medication. If there are changes in health status, or Vice versa, they are not this should be sure to know your doctor.

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