Order Tegretol Online Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Tegretol is a drug whose action is directed against the symptoms of epilepsy. The active ingredient is Carbamazepine. Analogue of this medication can be called Finlepsin, which contains the same active substance. Activity of Carbamazepine is aimed at the transmission of nerve impulses.

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Thus, when partial and generalized tonic-clonic convulsions. This effect develops gradually and may manifest after a few days of starting therapy. In addition, in patients whose poor health epilepsy, especially in young patients this treatment has a positive effect on the psychological state relieves irritability, anxiety, aggression. Carbamazepine has the ability to pain management and when used in neurogenic pain. In this case, its effect should be expected, after a few hours (to several days) after the beginning of administration. Also, this drug is able to improve the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal (removes some of the neurological lesion tremor, impaired coordination, irritability). Patients with diabetes insipidus Carbamazepine helps restore water and mineral balance, reducing the amount of liquid. In all cases, the drug starts to work if you take.

Tegretol is used for.

  • Epilepsy besides a sluggish, myoclonic seizures and absence seizures;
  • Some types of neuralgia, including diabetic neuropathy;
  • Alcohol withdrawal.

Release Tegretol tablets. To take this tool out of touch with food, moderately with water. Manual of the drug Carbamazepine is reported that in epilepsy it is starting to introduce small doses. Gradually the amount of medication brought to effective. For example, for adults with epilepsy start with single doses of 100-200 mg twice a day and adjusted to 400 mg two or three times a day. For children of different age dosages are correspondingly smaller. There are patterns of use of Carbamazepine for various reasons. The drug can be combined with other drugs anticonvulsant, sedative, analgesic and etc.

Tegretol is contraindicated.

  • Acute intermittent porphyria;
  • Violations of hematopoiesis in the bone marrow;
  • Atrioventricular block;
  • The joint appointment with MAO inhibitors;
  • Of intolerance to any component of the drug and analogues, including tricyclic antidepressants;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;

-with caution-

  • Alcoholism;
  • The treatment of elderly patients;
  • Reduced concentration of sodium in the blood;
  • Hyperplasia of prostate;
  • Severe insufficiency of the heart function, the kidneys;
  • Elevated intraocular pressure;
  • Oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis.

Side effects and overdose of Tegretol.

The application of this antiepileptic drug may have a negative tratitsya on the state of any system of the body. First and foremost, you can expect unwanted symptoms from the nervous and psychic sphere, for example, drowsiness, weakness, loss of sensation, aggressiveness, loss of appetite, hallucinations and etc. And possible allergic reactions.
Overdose is Tegretol a depressing effect on the respiratory center, reflexes, decreased motility of the digestive tract. Treatment is symptomatic, with maximum excretion of residues of the drug. Possible coal hemosorption.

Reviews about Tegretol.

Numerous reviews on Tegretol show how a popular drug in various disorders of the nervous system. It is taken in the schemes and in the treatment of alcoholism, complicated by social anxiety, and panic attacks, and neuritis, and in many other situations.
The opinions of patients on this drug are different. But many want to abolish Tegretol or reduce their dosage due to adverse effects. Although, I have to say that not always these side effects can be directly linked with the tool:

-Having taken a dose of Tegretol, an hour, feeling dizzy. I’m starting to sway.

-During the treatment I had gained weight. Period stopped.

-Feel very weak and tired. Don’t know if it’s Tegretol or other medications, but I really want to regain the normal state. I tried not to take the pill, but without them I feel bad, afraid of attack.

You have to understand that Tegretol no one would accept without a clear and serious indications. If you have them you need to find a doctor that will help you to adjust the treatment regimen. Here there is only an individual approach, which will provide the maximum therapeutic effect.

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