Zyban Order Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Zyban is an antidepressant that is often positioned as a tool to facilitate Smoking cessation. In its composition there is bupropion. This substance inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine. Taking serotonin is reduced to a lesser extent. The exchange of MAO (monoamine oxidase enzyme responsible for the conversion of neurotransmitters), the viewer is not affected. It is known that Smoking cessation the majority decided to overcome this addiction causes irritability and emotional instability. Receiving Zyban, apparently aimed at the treatment of these conditions.

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In our pharmacies will soon be a drug Wellbutrin, which is the original version of the drug. The latter was registered as an antidepressant. Interestingly, in the instructions it says nothing about the relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Used in:

  • The state relief quit Smoking.

Zyban release in the form of tablets of 150 mg. taking Them twice a day (increasing the dose does not increase the effect). Treatment should be long – on average about two months. Since the action of the drug develops gradually, it begin to be determined week prior to Smoking cessation. Manual of drug Zyban suggests that people should stop Smoking for 10 day course. It is further recommended to continue the medication for another six weeks. If during this period you are unable to completely abandon bad habits – should not continue to drink Zyban.

Contraindicated in:

  • Epilepsy, convulsive threshold is low, the episode history of convulsions;
  • Alcohol withdrawal, abrupt cancellation of psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers;
  • Neoplastic processes of the Central nervous system;
  • Anorexia nervosa, bulimia;
  • The simultaneous admission of MAO inhibitors;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Diseases of the liver;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • The treatment of minors.

Side effects and overdose.

Bupropion – Zyban active ingredient – may cause seizures. Therefore, the drug is not assigned if there is a risk of their development. If the patient has no contraindications to the use of the drug, he, nevertheless, there may be complaints of:

  • Insomnia (second dose of Zyban should drink, 8 hours later, after the first, but preferably not before bedtime. For example, at 8 h am and 16 h days);
  • Digestive disorders;
  • Dry mouth.

There are other possible side effects. If you notice that your health has changed while taking Zyban, be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

Drug overdose is dangerous, since it leads to disruption of the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The patient should be hospitalized.

Reviews about Zyban.

Today in the Internet appeared a lot of articles and entire websites devoted to this drug. After all, “tablets from Smoking” sold out very readily. And for the sake of this industry, some are even ready to distort the information or, say, to keep back. For example, in many descriptions of Zyban does not even mention that it’s an antidepressant. Other authors claim that this drug is something vaguely different from its counterpart Wellbutrin, so only helps when quitting Smoking. Apparently, the purpose of these articles is to reassure the consumer that more caution applies to antidepressants.

Against this background, a lot of posts about how wonderful people have stopped Smoking, taking Zyban, cause a strong suspicion. By the way, there are a lot of disappointed reviews:

– Had heard, had read. Bought this Zyban on the full rate cut… As smoked and smoke.

I wonder how attitudes and expectations affect one’s feelings:

– After drinking the first pill Zyban, could no longer Smoking. The taste and smell of tobacco caused terrible retching. Two weeks taking the tablets and did not smoke.

It is clear that such effects do not involve medication and are fully within the field of psychosomatic medicine.

But the reviews for the medicine patients who had the treatment of depression:

– Very sleepy and hard to Wake up in the morning. Eyes hurt. As the antidepressant has worked in a complex scheme with other drugs.

– Zyban did not help, but Wellbutrin went very well. Generally, doctors say that we should not invent, and it is necessary to drink Wellbutrin.

Indeed, if you are going to quit Smoking and already know (or suspect) that this process will be painful for your nervous system – contact your physician (therapist), who will select supporting course. But do not grasp to take Zyban or any other antidepressant, relying on persuasion of people, those who simply want to sell you the drug for the course.

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