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Colorless or yellowish oily liquid with a faint odor. Provides protivozudnoe effect. Applied as a cream or lotion as protivozachatocnuu tool. Rubbing of the skin (from chin to toes) after water treatments. After 24 hours, repeat the rubbing. The next day, change clothes and bed linen. At 48 hours after repeated rubbing take hygienic bath. Do not be applied on bleeding and weeping skin. The drug should not be applied on mucous membranes and eyes. Crotamiton may cause skin irritation. If you are sensitive the use of the drug is stopped. Crotamiton (eurax) is effective against adult mites and their larvae. Crotamiton, and benzyl benzoate, can easily penetrate through the chitinous shell of the tick, accumulate in toxic concentrations in the body and causes death of the parasite. Remedies for the treatment of lice, scabies and other contagious diseases.

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Night you or your child is torturing itching? It could be scabies a contagious disease that causes the itch mite. Where?

Unfortunately, the tick can pick up anywhere, even in kindergarten. His “victims” are even the most cleanly people. Small insects (the size of the tick is only 0.2-0.5 mm), once on the skin, a fairly quickly adapt. Then they start to breed and lay their larvae in special “moves” done in the skin. The infected person suffers from constant itching, while combing your skin, you can optionally enter the wound infection.

What to do?

Thanks to special tools, such as an ointment Eurax (it Crotamiton), to get rid of skin uninvited “guests” for a few days. Enough to handle the skin cream 1-2 times to forget about scabies.

First to the doctor. Antiparasitic cream Eurax should be used after consultation with a dermatologist. If you frequently itch, take the time to visit with him is in itself a tick not going anywhere.

The specialist will conduct the necessary tests (to identify the tick) and tell in detail how to use the drug and handle your clothes, to completely get rid of insects. Please note that the procedure is recommended for all family members.
The use of Crotamiton very simple: you need to take a shower and thoroughly treating all skin, from the chin to the feet, ointment. Every other day this procedure must be repeated. Another 2 days you need to take a bath and all, about the mites. Using a cream you need to be careful people who have an increased sensitivity to its components.


    • hypersensitivity;
    • inflammatory skin disorders (including exudative dermatitis, bleeding and weeping surface);
    • the drug is contraindicated in children under the age of 12 years, with inflammatory diseases of the skin;


  • pregnancy.

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