Nizagara works by helping the blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation.

Nizagara is a drug for the correction of erectile dysfunction, that is, regulating the potency. Active substance – sildenafil leads to relaxation of smooth muscles, regulating blood flow in the arteries, blood fills the penis. The effect of the medicine is manifested precisely in the period of sexual stimulation, in its absence – no change in the tissues occurs.

Buy Nizagara Online
Buy Nizagara Online

After taking Nizagara you can count on this effect during the day. Provided sexual arousal, the onset of a rigid erection is expected, approximately half an hour later, after taking doses of the drug. Nizagara does not affect the perception of colors, does not cause muscle pain, does not alter blood pressure in healthy persons. the Indication for use of the drug are sexual dysfunction related to failure of erection.

Nizagara Produced in the form of tablets. As stated in the manual of the drug, it should be taken half an hour before intercourse, in a dose equal to one hundred milligrams (one tablet). If this standard dose is not sufficiently effective, and the patient tolerates the effect Nizagara – that is, it does not occur side effects, you may increase to two tablets. Not recommended to take this medicine more than once a day.

Do not use Nizagara if men’s health is disturbed by various diseases and pathological conditions of the cardiovascular system, the retina of the eye. For example, in unstable angina, uncontrolled hypertension, retinitis pigmentosa, and etc. Nizagara is not intended for use by women, children and adolescents who have not attained their eighteenth birthday.

Side effects and overdose Nizagara.

Often after taking this drug you experience hot flashes and facial flushing, eye redness, nasal congestion, due to edema of the mucosa, the dyspepsia. This and many other unwanted symptoms, which, however, are less common – urticaria, turbidity vision, palpitations, tinnitus, cough and others.

The occasional use of Nizagara doses exceeded observed the same side effects occured more actively ambitious. Treatment depends on symptoms.

Reviews about Nizagara.

A very interesting discussion with reviews on Nizagara unfolded in the discussion of one article, which described the role of healthy eating in maintaining sexual health of men. Some of the readers said that trying to stick to a diet, do not forget about necessary exercise and etc. But most of the “with great satisfaction” said too like to eat or are too busy to lead a healthy lifestyle. As “alternatives” they are Nizagara. Numerous reviews can be summarized as:

Drink a pill before sex. No need to bother where to get the components of medicinal decoctions, no need to count calories…

Leaving aside the debate about the benefits of those particular foods, exercises, courses of treatment of various diseases – it can be noted that drug is very like different categories of patients. And people aged, suffering from chronic prostatitis, and for young workaholics who lose potency due to stress – speak in favor of this drug.

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