Use of Minocycline will effectively help to treat certain infections.


Minocycline is not prescribed for meningococcus; patients who have increased susceptibility to the penicillin group of antibiotics, minocycline is shown as an alternative for gonorrhea, listeriosis, actinomycoses.

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Drugs is available in the form of tablets, the content of minocycline hydrochloride which is 0.05 g and 0.1 g. bag contains 50-100pcs tablets. The drug in capsules contains minocycline hydrochloride 0.05 g and 0.1 g packaged in 50-100pcs in a pack. The drug is in the form of a suspension in 5 ml contains 0.05 g of minocycline hydrochloride, packaged in bottles.

The drug is prescribed in cases of:

  • Infectious diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract;
  • Psittacosis;
  • Psittacosis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Reiter’s Syndrome;
  • Trachoma;
  • Tularemia;
  • Plague;
  • Chlamydia a sexually transmitted;
  • Cholera;
  • The Siberian ulcer;
  • Brucellosis;
  • The fever return;
  • Infection of the skin and soft tissues.

Minocycline, instructions for use, dosage.

Before starting treatment with this tool is the first step is to determine the sensitivity of microflora to him, which is the source of the disease. Dosage and course of medication given, respectively, depending on the form of the disease, its severity and the body’s sensitivity to minocycline.
For adult patients, the average initial dose is 0.2 g, then PR 0.1 g with an interval between doses 12 hours.
For children aged 8 years Minocycline is an initial dose of 4mg per kilogram of weight, then 2mg for each kilogram, the interval between doses is 12 hours.
Treatment should continue 24 to 48 hours after the patient’s condition improved (decrease of body temperature and the disappearance of symptoms).
Syphilis: the initial dosage is 0.2 g, then 0.1 g every 12 hours. The course of treatment 10 to 15 days. Gonorrhea treatment lasts for at least a week. When meningococcus dosage is 0.1 g intervals in the application of 12 hours, the course is not less than 5 days.
Taking is Minocycline an hour before eating, in another case – 2 hours after eating. Patients with problems of the liver and kidneys it is necessary to adjust the dose downward.

Minocycline, side effects, contra-indications.

In applying the drug is possible following the reaction of the organism:

  • Anorexia;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Increased activity of liver enzymes in the blood;
  • Dysphagia;
  • Rash erythematous, papular;
  • Improving the perception of the skin to sunlight, resulting in excessive tanning;
  • Urticaria;
  • The pain in the joints;
  • Anaphylactic shock (very rarely);
  • Dizziness and headache.

In the case of signs of erythema of skin treatment with this medicine is immediately terminated.

The drug is contraindicated for use in the following cases:

  • Hypersensitivity of the patient to antibiotics of tetracycline group;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Age category of patients up to 8 years.

With special care, minocycline is prescribed for patients with a predisposition to allergic reactions.
Stored the drug in the reach of sunlight, cool and dry.

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