Medrol dose pack price Walgreens.

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Medrol dose pack price Walgreens.

Medrol belongs to the group of synthetic glucocorticoids. GCS penetrate the cell membrane, forming complexes with the receptor apparatus of the cytoplasm. The resulting complexes enter the cell nucleus, where it associated with chromatin DNA. The result is the transcription of mRNA and subsequent synthesis of enzymes, which explains the systemic effect of Medrol. Methylprednisolone exerts its effect on the immune response and the severity of the inflammatory process, as well as all types of metabolism in the body, the cardiovascular system, Central nervous system and skeletal muscles.
The main indications for the use of Medrol due to its anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and immunosuppressive effect. Because of these properties ensures reduction of immunocompetent cells in the inflammatory focus, there is a stabilization of membranes of lysosomes, inhibited cell phagocytosis, vasodilation and decreases the synthesis of prostaglandins in inflammation.
According to its anti-inflammatory effect of methylprednisolone acetate at a dose of 4.4 mg equivalent to 5 mg of prednisolone and 20 mg of hydrocortisone.

Medrol has an effect on the catabolic metabolism of proteins. The resulting amino acids in the liver undergo cleavage with formation of glucose and glycogen. This causes a decrease in the content of glucose in peripheral tissues, which can lead to hypoglycemic condition, especially in people with diabetes.
Medrol has lipolytic properties, which is especially noticeable in the limbs. Lipogenesis the effect is most pronounced in the neck, chest, and head. This leads to redistribution of adipose tissue in the body.
As Medrol has a greater impact on enzyme activity, the maximal effect the drug has after the reduction of peak concentrations of active substance in the blood plasma.
Medrol absorption occurs in the small intestine. About 40-90% of methylprednisolone is in a bound state with transporting and albumin.
Products of metabolism, which is in the liver, excreted in the urine in the form of sulfates, glucuronides, and unconjugated complexes. The conjugation is carried out in the liver and slightly in kidneys.

Optional: If after a certain period of time the desired therapeutic effect is not achieved, the drug should be stopped and the patient should be administered a different type of treatment. To cancel the appointment of Medrol after its long period of use should be gradual, evenly reducing the daily dose.
During stressful situations, should temporarily increase the dose of the drug.
In the treatment of Medrol reduced resistance to infectious diseases may experience a severe generalized infection caused by conditionally pathogenic microflora.
Patients receiving Medrol should not be done vaccination using live and attenuated vaccines.
With long-term treatment of Medrol in large dosages, you may develop osteoporosis, therefore, the recommended intake of calcium and vitamin D3.
In patients receiving long Medrol can develop Kaposi’s sarcoma. After discontinuation of methylprednisolone, there is a phase of remission and stabilization of the condition.

With caution the drug should be used when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, esophagitis, gastritis, acute or latent peptic ulcer, intestinal anastomosis , ulcerative colitis risk of perforation or abscess, diverticulitis; diabetes mellitus and predisposition to it; hyperlipidemia; myasthenia gravis, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, acute psychosis, acute and subacute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, arterial hypertension, severe liver or kidney disease, open-angle glaucoma, herpes simplex , varicella, measles, strongyloidiasis, AIDS, HIV infection; with active and latent TB, severe bacterial or viral infectious diseases , allowed the use of a drug only on the background of specific therapy. In systemic fungal infections to apply a drug is not recommended.

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