Lotrisone Cream Cost Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage and etc.

Lotrisone (Clotrimazole) – antifungal medication that also exerts antibacterial, anti-Trichomonas and anti-amoebic activity. The active substance of this drug destroys the cell membranes and, thus, leads to the death of pathogenic fungi. Its range covers practically all known pathogens many fungal and bacterial diseases: Fungal infections of various etiology and localization, including acute bacterial, in fact, a bacterial infection. This drug is prescribed in the combined treatment and monotherapy, but also as prophylaxis, e.g. for the treatment of generic ways.

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Due to apparent local effect, produced many different pharmacological forms of Lotrisone, suitable for use with various localization of the lesion: vaginal tablets and cream, spray, gel, lotion, ointment, mouthwash, and lozenges for sucking.

Accordingly, the manual describes preparation methods and patterns of use of all of these forms of drugs.

Studies have shown that clotrimazole, in most cases, well tolerated. Of the side effects identified possible allergic reactions ranging from congestion to exanthema. Pregnant women should not use the applicator for the administration of vaginal cream.

Reviews about Lotrisone.

Analyzing the reviews about clotrimazole from women’s who have used the drug to fight yeast infection you can see how individual efficiency.

There are reports from the ladies, which he quickly helped to cope with this fungal disease. However, it should be added. That some of the women also used other systemic medications. Others very strongly describe: itching, burning, irritation, using clotrimazole.

Side effects about Lotrisone.

Pregnant women are discussing whether it is reasonable for the purpose of this and similar drugs to prevent fungal urogenital infections in the first trimester and before birth. It should be noted. That most of those who left comments and feedback on this drug – were satisfied with its effectiveness.  And did not interrupt treatment because of uncomfortable side effects.

An interesting method is described in the open discussion. Simultaneously treatment of both partners from thrush.  On the advice of a doctor, the couple used the Lotrisone cream as a lubricant on the condom. The doctor advised that the drug quickly penetrates into the mucosa and work more efficiently.

I want, first, to warn against the repetition of similar experiments. You are not likely to increase the efficacy of medications. And to damage, the barrier contraceptive such “grease” is very simple. Judging by the other reviews, the information is divided. Description drug with regards to its good endurance – very far from practice. However, no self-worth to refuse treatment or to replace Lotrisone similar drugs. If in any doubt should discuss them with your doctor.

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