Januvia Order Generic Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Januvia is a drug that reduces the concentration of sugar (glucose) in the blood. The active component of medications sitagliptin. The substance deactivates the enzyme DPP-4. Mechanisms of regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in the body is extremely diverse.

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In addition, there are special hormones, which are allocated at the time of the meal in the gut incretin. They stimulate insulin production and inhibit the formation of glucose occurring in the liver. This effect is manifested only at elevated blood sugar level hypoglycemia further reduce sugar occurs. The enzyme DPP-4 quickly breaks these hormones. The effect of this drug manifests itself precisely in the fact that it prevents the destruction of incretins. The standard dose of Januvia operates during the day, reducing and fasting concentrations of glucose and its level in the blood after eating.

Take Januvia at:

  • Therapy of diabetes mellitus of the second type as the sole drug or in combination with other medications (e.g., Metformin).

Release Januvia in the form of tablets that are taken once a day. Use this tool regardless of the food. Manual of drug Januvia warns against its use doubled dose. If a patient missed the time of the use of this medication, we need to move quickly to fill this gap. If human health is undermined, also, disease of the kidneys, the liver, the treating physician should adjust the dose of Januvia, in accordance with the condition of the patient.

Januvia contraindicated when:

  • Diabetes of the first type;
  • The ketoacidosis (the accumulation in the body of the patient of the intermediate products of glucose metabolism);
  • Pregnancy and lactation, patients under the age of eighteen, as no experience of this therapy.

with caution

  • Baked and renal failure.

Side effects and overdose Januvia.

The use of this medicine may cause headaches, digestive disorders, provoke the development of infections of the respiratory system, joint pain, changes in blood counts. Research Anobii confirmed its good tolerance by patients, when the treatment is carried out only with this drug and in combination with other agents.

The main danger of overdose Januvia heart rhythm disorders. However, the possibility of development of these pathologies, doctors are judged only theoretically. During the studies, high doses of the drug did not lead to any significant symptoms. Higher amounts of drug on human volunteers did not experience. If there is overdose, it is necessary to free the digestive tract of the patient from excess of Januvia, call the doctor who examines the heart and other organs and systems.

Reviews about Januvia.

This drug is usually used patients with recently diagnosed diabetes mellitus. Their feedback about Januvia and opinions about the antibiotics doctors, show that there are a lot of nuances in its use.

First, Januvia is a relatively new tool, which means that many doctors simply have no experience in it. It is difficult to understand how to begin to apply it:

-In fact the first drug of choice is Metformin. So, we need to assign Januvia with Metformin? What about monotherapy?

-Possible monotherapy Januvia. If it gives control over the glucose in the blood to Supplement it with other drugs is not necessary meets a more experienced colleague.

Patients often note that over time Januvia ceases to have the desired effect:

-Sugar was relatively normal, but suddenly, a week ago, jumped up and not go astray. Continue to drink Januvia, but not rely on it.

-After a year of using Januvia state again got out of control. The doctor says that you have to add insulin.

Rather, the question here is not about addiction to the drug, and the gradual progress of the disease. There is a story of a man who, on the contrary, has ceased to drink Januvia, creating for themselves an adequate regime of physical activity (they also contribute to the breakdown of sugar).

All the above shows that Januvia is pretty natural, but not potent the drug. It will be effective if the body itself produces a sufficient amount of incretin. The appointment of Januvia and timely correction of such therapy is able to maintain the health of the patient with early stage of diabetes of the second type.

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