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Description and operating instruction of the drug Januvia.

Januvia is a drug that reduces the concentration of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Valid component of medication-sitagliptin. This substance deactivates the DPP-4 enzyme. Mechanisms of regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in the body is extremely diverse.

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Buy Januvia Online

In addition, there are special hormones which are released during mealtimes in the gut-inkretiny. They stimulate insulin secretion and inhibit the formation of glucose, occurs in the liver. This action manifests itself only when high blood sugar level-with additional sugar reduction Hypoglycemia occurs. The DPP-4 enzyme pretty quickly destroys these hormones. The effect of this medication is manifested is that it prevents the destruction of inkretinov. The standard dose Januvia operates during the day, reducing and toŝakovye concentrations of glucose and its level in the blood after a meal.

Take Januvia:

Therapy of diabetes of the second type-as the only drug or in combination with other drugs (e.g., Metformin).
Release Januvia in the form of tablets, which take once a day. This tool is used, regardless of the meal. Drug Januvia statement warns against accepting his double dose. If a patient missed the time of using this medication then you need as soon as possible, fill this gap. If human health undermined, also, kidney, liver, the physician must adjust the dose Januvia in accordance with the condition of the patient.

Contraindicated Januvia:

  • type 1 Diabetes;
  • Ketoatsidoze (accumulation in the body of the patient of intermediate products exchange of glucose);
  • pregnancy and lactation, treating patients under the age of eighteen, because there is no experience of such treatment;
  • LF-be wary-LF renal and baked.

Side effects and overdose Januvia.

the use of this medication may cause headaches, digestive disorders, provoke the development of infections of the respiratory system, joint pain, change the formula blood. Januvia study confirmed its well-tolerated by patients, the treatment is only possible with this drug and in combination with other tools.
The primary risk of overdose Januvia-cardiac arrhythmias. However, on the possibility of developing such abnormalities, doctors judged only theoretically. During the studies inflated dosage does not lead to any significant symptoms. The higher the number of medications on volunteers are not experienced. If an overdose, then you need the release of digestive tract patient of excess Januvia, call a doctor who examines the heart and other organs and systems.

Reviews on Januvia.

This drug usually used patients with newly diagnosed diabetes. Their feedback on Januvia, as well as opinions about the medication doctors showed that there are many nuances in its use.
first, Januvia is a fairly new tool and, therefore, many doctors simply do not have the experience in his appointment. They can be difficult to figure out how to start use it:

-Because the first drug of choice is Metformin. Therefore you need to assign Januvia with metformin? And what about monotherapy?

it is possible Januvia monotherapy. If she gives you control over the content of glucose in the blood — that complement its other drugs don’t need is a more experienced colleague.

Patients often say that with time Januvia stops to provide proper effect:
Sugar were relatively normal, but suddenly, a week ago, skaknuli up and do not go astray. Continue to drink Januvia, but no longer hope for it.
A year using Ânuvii state again is out of control. The doctor says that you have to add insulin.
Is most likely we are talking here not about adjusting to the drug, and the gradual progress of the disease. There is a story of a man who, on the contrary, stopped to drink Januvia, adopting for itself an adequate regime of physical exercise (they also contribute to the breakdown of sugar).
All above shows that Januvia is quite organic but not potent drug. It will be effective if the organism itself produces enough inkretinov. The appointment of Januvia and timely correction of such therapy are able to maintain the health of the patient with the initial stage of diabetes of the second type.

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