Indocin is used for treating moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Indocin is an anti-inflammatory agent non-hormonal origin. The drug has the following properties. It reduces swelling, has an analgesic effect, reduces fever, and is a barrier to thrombosis. If we talk about the anti-inflammatory effect, it is manifested, the end of the week from the start of treatment.

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Much earlier you can observe other properties, the joints become more mobile, they leave pain.

Based on this, the drug is used systemically, when required, the impact on musculoskeletal system in rheumatic diseases, inflammatory, traumatic, degenerative nature. When disturbed menstrual cycle, and arising in connection with this pain syndrome, with dental and headaches. If there is a fever, an inflammatory condition, and, moreover, if other drugs are ineffective. Indications for use are considered to be neuralgia, rheumatic syndrome, trauma, inflammation, pain in the spine. Ophthalmologists use this drug as a local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Indocin is used very widely, so is produced in various types. It tablets, rectal suppositories, capsules, ointments, eye drops, gels. The drug comes with instructions for use, which contains necessary information about the recommended doses and treatment schemes.

Indocin is the drug of systemic effects, so it is not recommended for patients with clotting of the blood, pathology of the cardiovascular system, if you have hearing problems, mental problems, nervous system. Indocin is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, patients under the age of 14 years. Indocin in the form of ointments is forbidden to apply to children up to one year. External application of the drug is prohibited for children younger than six years of age, patients diagnosed as suffering from “aspirin triad”, as well as during pregnancy, especially the ban applies to first and second trimester. Contraindication do not only for pregnancy, but for breastfeeding mothers. You cannot use Indocin for external use, if the violation of blood coagulation, or the integrity of the tissues.

While taking this drug in some cases may cause side effects, and they can occur in any system or organ. The manuals Indocin descriptions of the complex interactions of the drug with other drugs. Emphasized that while passing the treatment course Indocin is not recommended to drive vehicles and engage in work that requires attention.

Reviews about Indocin.

Most of the comments left about Indocin in pregnant women. They Express concern about the impact of the drug on fetal development. Some of them wrote that he used the drug, not knowing about the pregnancy. In this situation, we can only hope that two weeks from the moment of conception the fetus is not connected to the parent body by the blood stream, hence the embryo is not affected by substances present in maternal blood. But puzzling when pregnant women write that my doctor has prescribed Indocin candles. It is impossible to give an explanation of what is driving the professionals that make such a destination.

Clearly, such potent drugs need to be taken extremely carefully. If the doctor prescribed you this medication, strictly follow the specified dosage, do not break the regimen of medication, pay attention to your health. If you think that you are experiencing unwanted symptoms, and the drug does not work, it will be advisable to once more consult a doctor you trust and are confident in his competence.

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