Cost Generic Accutane Online Pharmacy: description, reviews, side effects, dosage and etc.

Accutane is a drug that is intended for those whose problem is acne. It is used for getting rid of acne when other medicines do not bring the desired effect, conventional therapy does not improve the situation.

Buy Accutane Online
Buy Accutane Online

Main active ingredient of the drug is isotretinoin, which is classified as a derivative of vitamin A, the retina. To date, no information on how the substance affects the skin. It is known that under the influence Accutane skin sebaceous glands decrease in size, their work is inhibited. As there is evidence that this drug has anti-inflammatory properties.

Most of this medication is absorbed into the body when Accutane is taken during a meal. You should take into account that the drug is not a barrier in the form of the placenta, it may be in breast milk, therefore the drug cannot be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Withdrawal Accutane made with the liver, although it is possible in this procession involved and kidneys. If there are any violations in the work of these bodies, Accutane is contraindicated. As well as the contraindication called hypervitaminosis A. Patients begin treatment according to the drug needs to be prepared for the fact that in Nala use of the drug acne acute.

Accutane in some cases it may cause side effects due to dose was taken, as well as the special individual sensitivity of the patient. If there are signs that make you wonder, are unusual, you should refuse drugs and consult with a specialist.

This drug can be bought in the pharmacy is strictly on prescription. Before starting treatment, the patient should devote time to complete the survey. Further, the drug is taken under the supervision of a specialist, and as necessary to conduct laboratory testing.

Reviews about Accutane.

If you read the reviews about drug, it becomes obvious that patients are not the same drug. There are both positive and negative opinions. But negative opinions still prevail.

For example, one girl writes, she could not take the medicine more than three weeks. The result was noticeable, acne decreased, but overall health was poor and she refused to continue the course. Some say that have not seen any negative effects taking Accutane for almost six months. The result was great, it’s been a month after treatment, but the acne never came back. The young man reported that he was treated for about three months and noticed a marked improvement, but as soon as stopped taking the medication after a few days the acne appeared again.

Another patient wrote that he was suffering from horrible acne, and while on vacation in Thailand. She is very happy with the results. About any side effects was out of the question. Another girl complained that needlessly start taking this medicine. She had liver problems, and when I had to go out in the sun, the skin instantly started to itch and create new pimples. She suffered thus for about two weeks and refused medication, referred to another specialist.

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