Orlistat is used for managing obesity in overweight adults.

Orlistat is a drug that prevents the absorption of fat. Its active current component is orlistat, once in the stomach and the duodenum connects the natural enzymes in the body that breaks down fats – lipase. As a result, the fat obtained from food, not degraded and not absorbed, but excreted in the feces.

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Buy Orlistat Online
The action of the drug is detected after a day or two after his admission. He Orlistat is practically not absorbed and decays into neutral for the body of the patient substances that are also removed through the bowel. The action of this drug is needed to fight obesity, including those caused by diabetes.

Orlistat is produced in the form of capsules. Instruction of the drug says that his technique should be combined with diet. Contraindications Orlistat can be an individual hypersensitivity to any of its components, violation of secretion or excretion of bile – cholestasis, the syndrome of chronic malabsorption, malabsorption of nutrients in the intestine. This treatment of pregnant and nursing women and also children and adolescents is not recommended. This restriction is due to lack of sufficient information on the possible influence of Orlistat on the health of patients in these groups.

Side effects of Orlistat.

Often unwanted effects accompany the beginning of the administration of the drug. In Kale increases, the content of fat is a normal consequence of the use of Orlistat. However, in parallel, can develop flatulence, diarrhea, fecal incontinence, pain in the stomach, the intestines. Likely to develop such reactions, such as infections, menstrual irregularities, fatigue. Extremely rare, but described by various allergic reaction at the reception Orlistat. In exceptional cases, there are lesions of the liver.

Reviews about Orlistat.

As expected, women are constantly seeking a way to lose weight, did not escape his attention, and Orlistat. Their testimonials about drug is quite contradictory. Some this drug helped a lot, since the “left” from four to fifteen pounds. But there are reviews where ladies say that taking Orlistat for a few months, not eating anything greasy, even played sports, but not thin.

As for side effects – many not experienced any discomfort, any pain or fatigue during the course Artesia. But some reviewers write that they “flowed directly” fat “had to wear the strip”, “fat flowed spontaneously”. The majority of those who used this drug agrees that if you eat something greasy, then you notice the and fatty secretions from the rectum from feces or spontaneous.

The problem of excess weight and combating – is primarily psychological. And the effect of any drug, diet and so on should be seen through the prism of illusions and even mythology, which obscures the real situation. For example, the claim that people “cannot eat regularly takes drugs, plays sports, but continues to get better” – demonstrate clearly that he is not aware of the situation, only sees what he wants to see.

That is why the weight loss, especially associated with the use of medication must be under the supervision of specialists. After all, the casual observer will be obvious those flaws that he losing weight is not noticed. In addition, drugs like Orlistat can not only help to lose weight but also damage the health so their use should be recommended by a doctor.

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