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Liv 52 is a hepatoprotective, that is, a drug that protects the liver. Its action is due to a set of plant components included in this tool. Among them are yarrow, capers, radish, tamarisk, terminals and many other extracts of medicinal plants.

Buy Liv 52 Online
Buy Liv 52 Online

Together they exhibit the following properties: increase appetite and improve digestion; to protect liver cells from the adverse effects; normalize metabolic processes occurring in the body; detoxify; optimize the properties of bile; remove the phenomena of inflammation. Liv 52 is used in various acute and chronic diseases of the liver and gallbladder, for example, cirrhosis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, and so forth. Another area of application is regenerative therapy with reduced body weight, eating disorders. Not only treatment but also prevention of such conditions are possible with the use of this drug.

Release Liv 52 in the form of tablets or drops for oral administration. About how they should make, says the instruction of the drug.

Do not use Liv 52 during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children up to two years. In acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should be careful in taking this money. Also, you should exclude the possibility of developing allergic reactions to one of the many components of Liv 52.

Among the side effects described allergies, indigestion, but also cases of epidermal necrolysis – a severe toxic manifestations of dermatitis – patients with a diagnosis of “hepatitis”.

Reviews on Liv 52.

Most people without special medical education as well, and some doctors are happy to support the theme of “purification” and “protection” of the liver. They share recipes for home treatments and course of products which are used or would use. Liv 52 is transferred in a series of such popular tools like Essentiale, Gepatrin, Berlition so on.

From the descriptions of their own “programs”, given at forums, devoted to improvement, it can be concluded that many people constantly feel the need to somehow influence the state of your liver and gallbladder. They spend an intensive cleansing, for example, “banishing the bile, using Dubai, or fasting. Then comes the period of “maintaining liver” – then a drink and Liv 52 or other hepatoprotector. In a review of Liv 52 and similar drugs there are different assessments of their own state and the efficacy of the drugs: people are skeptical towards Liv 52 and prefer other similar drugs that are not more than those who considers the tool effective.

At the same time, practicing gastroenterologists and specialists conducting research of medicinal substances, and can not find evidence of significant effectiveness of the medications. Sole remedy of the liver, which recognizes medicine, remains a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

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