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Generic Toprol XL is antianginal means, that is, the drug relieves symptoms of angina. Also, it reduces the pressure and stabilizes heart rhythm. The active ingredient, metoprolol, allows to limit the area of myocardial infarction and reduces the possibility of recurrence. The total demand of the heart muscle of oxygen and blood flow is distributed to areas with insufficient power. Its hypotensive effect is not related to the loss of body water and changes in the composition of electrolytes in the blood pressure reduction effect gradually, after two and a half weeks. In addition, egilok greatly reduces the content of cholesterol in the blood, which can be vital for people with various diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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Prescribe this drug if:

    • hypertension first and second degree;
    • angina, including for the prevention of attacks;
    • a variety of heart rhythm disorders;
    • the infarction and its consequences;
    • in some other pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
    • in the complex treatment of hyperthyroidism;
    • prevention of migraines and so on.

Release Generic Toprol XL in the form of tablets of different dosages of the active component. A manual of the preparation according to standard schemes, individual selection of treatment or prevention.


Not shown the purpose of this drug to patients with certain pathologies of the heart, with a disposition to spasms of the respiratory system acidosis, some forms of diabetes, with severe violations of peripheral blood circulation, allergic reactions to components of Generic Toprol XL. There are some conditions in which treatment according to the drug should be performed with extreme caution. During pregnancy or breastfeeding should weigh the expected benefit to the health of the mother and the potential risk to the fetus or baby is likely disruptions of heart rhythm. However, if the dose of Toprol-XL does not exceed therapeutic, breast milk will be allocated an insignificant amount, unable in any way affect the newborn.

Usually, this medication is well tolerated. But one should be prepared for its systemic side effects influence on the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, respiratory system, sense organs, metabolism and so on. Also described symptoms of overdose AGROCOM: this is a threat of heart failure, severe hypotension, coma and so on. Patients with such conditions require immediate medical attention.

Reviews on Generic Toprol XL.

On admission, Toprol XL can meet a variety of responses. Basically, they are not very positive. Almost every post is mentioned on the side effects.

Very often patients talk about the panic attacks and nightmares that plagued them while taking Generic Toprol XL. Also, the weakness, the “clouding” of vision.

It is obvious that the action of such drugs is very individual. And the selection of appropriate therapy can take months, if not years. Modern medicine does not stand still and is constantly improving the drugs needed for the normalization of the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, most likely, Generic Toprol XL should be taken as a very special case a medicine that can “fit” for some patients in some cases. Do not be scared of bad reviews on Toprol XL or fully believe positive. Each case is individual and selection of the correct medication can take some time. Of course, such selection shall be made on the recommendations of the doctor, not based on the number of positive reviews online.

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