Generic nexium otc

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Buy Nexium Online

Generic nexium otc.

Nexium is a drug which reduces the acidity of gastric juice. This trade name coincides with the name of the active substance of the medication. Nexium inhibited, that is, inhibits the effect of so-called “proton pump” (it moves in the gastric juice hydrogen ions and potassium, which leads to its active acidification). This tool reduces the basal acidity (the one that is determined in the gastric juice, out of digestion), and stimulated (that is, a reaction to the meal). That is, the gastric juice is less acidic and on an empty stomach, during meals. This effect occurs about an hour after taking a dose.

Used for:

  • Reflux esophagitis (casting of stomach contents into the esophagus);
  • A stomach ulcer, including the composition of measures for eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

Release Nexium in pill form, whose shell dissolves in the intestine. The standard dosage is Nexium 20 – 40 mg a day (if liver failure is assigned not more than 20 mg per day). Take the drug once a day.

Contraindicated in:

  • Breast-feeding.

During pregnancy taking Nexium permitted for obvious reasons.

Side effects.

Patients who are treated with this remedy often complain of abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation, nausea. Also can get a headache. In rare cases, allergic skin reactions, dry mouth, dizziness.

Analogues Of Nexium.

The active substance is present in many drugs. For example, in:

  • Esomeprazole;
  • Omeprazole;
  • Prilosec.

Reviews of Nexium.

Basically, people who need for one reason or another to reduce the acidity of the stomach, discuss which drugs are best. For example, comparing omeprazole with Nexium, patients have expressed completely different opinions:

– The doctor told me that only the Omeprazole should be taken, although the house was packing Nexium (esomeprazole).

– Proton pump inhibitors should be individualized. Here I do not respond to Omez. No way. Drink Nexium.

– Very decent generic Nexium.

That’s one view, which is hard to disagree:

-Better to spend time (under medical supervision) and to choose “their” product. Because then dosing can be used minimum, and it will be easier to cancel it then.

Nexium is an effective tool, but use it only when exactly the diagnosis.

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