Generic for Luvox Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Luvox (Fluvoxamine) is a drug designed to facilitate the flow of such diseases as depression and OCD. As the active substance in the formulation presented fluvoxamine. This component reduces the reuptake of serotonin (more commonly known as the “happiness hormone”), and, as a result, increases its concentration in blood. The scope of the drug Luvox can be called not only treatment but also prevention of depressive and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

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The drug Luvox is manufactured in pill form. Abstract to the drug recommends starting therapy with small doses that gradually can be increased – thus, it is possible to perform the selection actually individual treatment regimen. Do not use Luvox patients taking the drugs, classified as MAO inhibitors, and people with severely impaired liver function, children under eight years. Despite the encouraging results of studies conducted on animals, the use of this drug by pregnant and nursing women is not recommended.

Side effects and overdose Luvox.

Most often, patients who take Luvox, complain of nausea – this symptom usually accompanies the beginning of treatment. In addition, there may be adverse reactions from the Central nervous and vegetative systems, as well as from the side of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, phenomena such as hemorrhage, fluctuations of body weight.

As Luvox used those in a state of depression, you can find a lot of reviews about intentional overdose with this medicine. Its symptoms include dyspepsia, and heart rhythm disorders. At the beginning of the assistance should be rinsed with a sick stomach, then a few times to give him activated charcoal or Enterosgel, and then to observe and to control the symptoms appearing. It should be separately emphasized that intentionally taking high doses of Luvox can result in death. There are cases when even people who took immediately 100 tablets of this drug, survived.

Reviews about Luvox.

Reviews on Luvox at first may just scare. Describe some of the side effects is quite colorful:

I couldn’t sleep until morning – had nightmares or the feeling that you are losing your mind – there are fears, even hallucinations”

, -the doctor said that we should drink at least a couple of weeks to put substance…
Of course, there are other reviews. Some patients do not feel and do not indicate any side effects, and be satisfied with the result of the drug Luvox. For example, one patient described the progress of his condition:

He began to slowly acquire armor – at least for six months was enough for me rate this drug.

It can be concluded that to prescribe Luvox and recommend it for the treatment can only a doctor. As for the patient, then he will have to closely monitor their own condition, do not hesitate to re-contact a specialist, in that case, if the side effects of the drug can be stronger and more serious than its intended beneficial effect.

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