Generic cozaar losartan potassium

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Generic cozaar losartan potassium.

Cozaar(Losartan) drug to reduce blood pressure. Active active ingredient of this medicine is losartan, by blocking the receptors of angiotensin, reduces the total vascular resistance. In other words, relax the vascular wall, the vascular bed becomes more voluminous and the pressure of the blood inside the vessels decreases. It is remarkable that Cozaar does not interact with other receptors, not embedded in other processes that regulate the cardiovascular system. The peak of the hypotensive action of this drug is observed within six hours after his admission. The indications for use of Cozaar may become the treatment of hypertension, and treatment of conditions such as heart and renal failure, to prevent strokes and so on.

Manual of drug lurid scheme of its reception in different pathologies. Course Cozaar is usually quite long, increasing the dose gradually. Not shown this drug to patients in States of dehydration, hyperkalemia, hypotension, hypersensitive individual components of the drug. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients under the age of majority, Cozaar is not prescribed. Moreover, these recommendations are based on the fact that in studies on animals found that the drug causes developmental defects in the fetus and critical violations of state newborn!

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Side effects and overdose Cozaar.

This drug has no systemic action, so that adverse effects are possible from various body systems. However, as we are assured manufacturers, tolerated Cozaar quite easily and rarely causes discomfort. Possible cardiac irregularities, failures of the respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, urinary and other systems, allergic reactions, changes in laboratory parameters of blood and so on. All this necessitates a serious medical control over the health of the patient using Cozaar.

In case of overdose likely to decrease of blood pressure, heart rhythm failures. As an urgent measures must be carried out gastric lavage, the appointment of diuretics and supportive therapy. Hemodialysis, in this case, ineffective.

Reviews about Cozaar.

Reading the reviews on Cozaar, it can be concluded that among those who tried to take the drug, there are patients for whom this medicine does not fit: developed cough, tachycardia appeared. In this case, it is necessary to stop the drug and replace it with some other remedy, fortunately, now on the market there are many medications to lower blood pressure. Often, doctors offer the patient a choice: to drink or Cozaar Amlodipine.

But you can read the reviews of those who are satisfied with the results of the course Cozaar. These reviews tell that high blood pressure returned to normal, the person’s well-being has improved.

Our health is exposed to diverse influences, both external and internal factors, and one of the common symptoms problems in the body is increased blood pressure. For the normalization developed thousands of products and methods. So, to understand the nuances of the action of each medicine is only for professionals – on whose opinion and should be relied upon in the difficult task of treating hypertension.

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