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Fucidin is for external antibiotic, topical application. Active substance is Fusidic acid-ensures the effectiveness of the medicines against quite a broad spectrum of microorganisms (particularly Gram-positive). Markedly sensitive microorganisms: Staphylococcus, gonococcus, the bacterium Corinne and etc. More over, Staphylococcus infection is treatable with this drug even if the strain of bacteria has already acquired sensitivity to antibiotics such as penicillin, levomicetin, erythrocytic and etc. Intestinal wand Protea, salmonella and some other microorganisms show no sensitivity to the action of Fucidin.

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Description and operating instruction Fucidin.

The antibiotic Treatment is conducted with infectious-inflammatory processes on the skin in patients of all ages. In accordance with applications to produce creams and ointments Fusidic. Also, producing this drug with the addition component hydrocortisone-glycocorticosteroid. Component can facilitate inflammation, allergic reactions, local swelling, itching etc. Drug statement describes its usage is quite simple: apply three times a day on the affected area. The course of treatment can last up to 10 days. Not shown in the development of the Fucidinom treatment of allergic response to its components. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be wary of this tool on small areas of the skin and under the supervision of a physician.

Side effects Fucidin.

in the treatment data of an antibacterial agent undesirable phenomena occur very rarely. But there are different symptoms of irritation of the skin, itching, skin dehydration. May develop eczema, Dermatitis, urticaria, oedema.

Reviews about cream Fucidin.

As the range of indications for the use of this ointment or cream is quite wide, and use it quite often and in various cases. Respectively, reviews about Fusidic very different.
Firstly. Many posts about how Fusidic is used for acne. Communicate on forums where people, mostly young, suffering from various skin infections and rashes, there are reviews about trying to recover using this antibiotic. I must say that its effectiveness is not always confirmed.
Some participants expressed disappointment:

Really doesn’t help!

Fucidin Told this tube is not working!

But often it becomes clear that the stories were not respected rules of use, time of use. For example, one girl, anointing a person Fusidic two days, found that there were new acne, and stopped the treatment.
Secondly. Fucidin cream used in pediatrics. Much more positive reviews here. Fucidin enables you to restore the health of the skin of infants with inflammation and Pustular skin eruptions. Cases of curing large boils in children.
Of course before using Fusidic, it is necessary to determine the diagnosis and, preferably, to identify the pathogen infection. The effectiveness of using this (or any at all) of the antibiotic will increase significantly.

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