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Doxazosin is a drug which is used in hypertension and prostate hyperplasia. Its action leads to the active substance doxazosin selective blocker of alpha-1-adrenergic receptors. Receptors of this kind are present in the tissues of the prostate and, under the action of Doxazosin, their condition improves. In this regard, the normal flow of urine (which is broken by the growth of a prostate).

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Analogs of Doxazosin: Cardura.

In addition, this medication has the ability to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure decreases gradually, decreases the load on the heart disappears hypertrophy of the left ventricle. Also, Doxazosin improves blood – decreases the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides, increased fluidity, reduced tendency to formation of blood clots. An important advantage of this drug is the lack of effects on metabolic processes. So it can be prescribed to patients suffering from bronchial asthma, gout, diabetes and so on.

Doxazosin is used for:

  • Hyperplasia of prostate (benign);
  • Treating high blood pressure.

Form release Doxazosin tablets. Take them once a day morning or evening. Manual of the drug Doxazosin explains what should happen to his appointment at different combinations of diseases. For example, if the patient is present only prostatic hyperplasia, without arterial hypertension, we used the dose of from two to eight mg. When the treatment of hypertension, after taking the first dose, you need to be in bed to eight hours. Doxazosin can be drunk for a long time. The treatment prescribed by the doctor and corrects.


  • His intolerance;
  • Treatment of minor patients;

– caution –

  • Pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, aortic stenosis and so on;

Side effects and overdose.

Especially at the beginning of therapy with this drug, perhaps an excessive reduction of pressure, swelling. From the nervous system of the person may experience symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, sleep disturbances, tremor and so on. Some patients complain of digestive disorders – nausea, loss of appetite, dyspepsia and so on. Also, other systems and functions of the body can suffer, causing a variety of complaints.

Excess doses of Doxazosin can cause you to faint (due to a sudden drop in blood pressure). The patient needs to wash out the stomach, watching him, conducting supportive therapy.


Many of the reviews on Doxazosin suggests that the patient’s condition improved, but to say that health was completely restored – it is impossible. Many such messages from men who treat prostatitis:

– Urologist diagnosed prostatitis”. I went through all the treatment, Doxazosin pil, lit candles, went to physical therapy. Like it became better. But now again feeling discomfort, urinating often became. Apparently, the drugs only help when you drink them!

– It was burning when you urinate, got up in the night, the day ran every hour to the toilet. After a course of Doxazosin became easier. But I’m afraid that it’s not forever. The state is clearly not stable.

If we are talking about the treatment of hypertension, most often discussed combination of Doxazosin with other drugs that affect the cardiovascular system. To generalize these cases is impossible, since every patient indications and the body’s reaction to chemotherapy is unique.

In General, you should be very careful approach to the use of such drugs. Doxazosin should appoint only a doctor, and, after conducting various diagnostic studies. During therapy with this drug, the patient also must undergo periodic examination.

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