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Generic Xalatan eye drops is cure for glaucoma. It operates thanks to the active ingredient latanoprost. The main effect of this drug in lowering intraocular pressure and reduce the concentration of moisture in the environments inside the eye due to the acceleration of the outflow. After applying Xalatan its effect begins to appear after three to four hours. The maximum effect falls on the eighth to the twelfth hour after administration of the drug. Treatment Xalatan is carried out, based on the fact that the tool works for about a day.

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Xalatan applies when:

  • Open-angle glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure and intraocular pressure.

It is obvious that such drugs are produced in the form of drops. Because Xalatan lasts for a long time – it is used once daily, one drop in the affected eye. Manual “Xalatan” emphasizes that it is better to bury in the evening.

Xalatan contraindicated when:

  • Intolerance to latanoprost;
  • Nursing mothers and persons who have not attained their eighteenth birthday;

– with caution –

  • Pregnancy;
  • The absence or rupture of the lens (aphakia or pseudophakia);
  • The risk of developing macular edema (swelling of the Central retina);
  • Other types of glaucoma – inflammatory, congenital and so on.

Side effects and overdose Xalatan.

The use of this ophthalmic preparation may cause irritation eyes: patients may complain of itching, feeling of sand, foreign body, tingling, and burning. Conjunctiva may be red. Iris looks brighter. The eyelids, the cornea is swollen and may ulcerate. A symptom of Xalatan effects on human health may be thickening, increase the thickness of eyelashes, increasing their pigmentation. In addition, inflammatory processes, disorders of vision.
The nervous system, muscles, and joints are able to respond to high doses of the drug. Sometimes there is the pain in the chest. However, overdose Xalatan used to affect the eyes, causing irritation.

Reviews about Xalatan.

The ability of this drug to modify, to enhance the pigmentation of tissue – eyelids, eyelashes, iris of the eye is not left, unattended patients. Sadly, the reviews about Xalatan can mainly be read on women’s forums, the discussion of the beauty of eyelashes. Many girls, beyond any common sense, use these drops, expecting that their side effects will help them to lengthen eyelashes and make them darker.
By the way, I must say that this tool helps units. And adverse effects like conjunctivitis, “barley”, inflammation is far more common. It is immediately noted that such “experiments” are extremely dangerous and likely to ruin your health than enhance beauty.

Those rare reviews about Xalatan, which leave patients with glaucoma show that this medicine really reduces the intraocular pressure. It is used for children:

-Son is three years old. We have congenital glaucoma. Dripping Xalatan, now changed the medicine, because nothing helps.

Patients happen pain in the eye, it triggers inflammation. But doctors insist that it is to cancel such treatment is impossible. Because then the pressure in the eye chamber again increases, which will lead to deterioration.

Never use these drugs for cosmetic purposes! Why pubescent eyelashes, but inflamed, visually impaired, patients eye?! If Xalatan prescribed by a doctor, stay in touch with him in time to report adverse events and to resolve the issue with the replacement of the drug.

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