Cost of Generic Lamisil Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Lamisil is fungicidal, that is the antifungal drug that can be used both systemically and topically. The composition of this drug is the active current component is terbinafine. This compound disrupts the synthesis of hormone-like substances in the cell of the pathogen. Different species of fungi lamisil may act in two ways: destroy them completely or to stop reproduction.

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All of the above leads to the use of this drug for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections and herpes different origin and localization:

  • fungal infections of nail plates;
  • skin and scalp;
  • foot etc.

Respectively, and produce lamisil in pill form or in the form of various dosage forms for external use: creams, gels, solutions and sprays.


Information about how you use each of the necessary forms and doses contains an instruction of the drug. You should not apply this medicine to people with hypersensitivity to any of its components. Lamisil tablets are not recommended for children under two years of age and lactating mothers. The age limit for the treatment gel, spray or cream twelve years old, for solution lamisil UNO to fifteen years. Experience of clinical use of this drug for pregnant women is small, so in this period should be treated only with clear indications. Also, caution in using Lamisil need in alcoholism, disorders of the liver or kidney, the inhibition of hematopoiesis in bone marrow, tumors, metabolic disorders, and some vascular diseases of the legs.

Side effects.

As expected, the most frequent side effects occurring on a background of reception of tablets of this drug. It can be various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract pain from the stomach to the liver. Often there are pains in muscles or joints. Can change the formula of blood. Likely development of allergic reactions. When using topically-active forms Lamisil most common allergic rashes, and systemic side effects unlikely. In this regard, to take lamisil in pill form is possible only on doctor’s advice.

Reviews about Lamisil.

Basically, reviews about the Lamisil are reduced to discussing: helped has not helped. The results in both groups, roughly the same. There are stories about what was effective and monotherapy Lamisil and, using it only locally. Other patients describe a comprehensive treatment of fungal diseases with the use of this drug and the inside, and externally, as well as with the use of other drugs. Toxic effects on the liver this medication is also discussed. But, typically, these fears are expressed by people who are just going to begin treatment. Their fear is based on the use of other antifungal agents. About side effects Lamisil not reported.

The treatment of fungal diseases is a very complicated and lengthy process. Most often it takes years. Rarely be limited to monotherapy using any one dosage form of the drug. Lamisil is one of the widely advertised and frequently used drugs. Obviously, if recovery has not occurred after a course of topical application of this drug, it is possible to continue the self-treatment cannot. And most wisely: first, podejrzenie on the development of the athlete to seek professional medical help.

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