Cheapest Pills Crestor Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.


Crestor is a drug designed to combat excess cholesterol. Refers to the pharmacological group: hypolipidemic drugs, monocomponent. The active ingredient of Crestor is substance Rosuvastatin.
The basis of this medication blocks the synthesis of cholesterol.

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In addition, Crestor normalizes (reduces with increasing the contents of other fats in the blood and other substances that affect lipid metabolism: lipoproteins of low and very low density carry cholesterol; triglycerides; and so on. The effect of the drug develops, as studies have shown, after a week of regular intake, and its maximum value reaches to the end of the month therapy. Crestor is used for various types of cholesterolemia – primary, mixed, hereditary and so on.

This drug is produced in tablets which should be taken whole – do not crush, do not chew. Manual of the drug prescribes the early appointment of the patient a special diet designed to lower cholesterol. Dose selection should be individualized, but as a rule, most patients is enough an initial dose of ten milligrams. In case of a severe hypercholesterinemia that put the health of the cardiovascular system at greater risk, can be used with a maximum daily dose of Crestor to 40 milligrams.


In severe forms of renal dysfunction, as well as active forms of liver disease – this drug is not carried out. Also, not shown is the use of Crestor myopathy, hypersensitivity to its active substance, along with drugs ziklosporinom series. You cannot use this medicine for children, pregnant and lactating women, and women who cannot protect themselves while taking Crestor. In addition, there is a whole list of conditions that should exercise caution in assigning and using this drug.

Side effects.

Usually undesirable symptoms that accompany therapy with this drug, mild and do not require its cancellation or special treatment. These effects are dose dependent, that is, the higher the daily dose of Crestor, the more often and the more clearly they appear. Often mark the defeat of the digestive and nervous system – headaches and stomach pain, dizziness and nausea. In rare cases, there is proteinuria (presence in the urine protein of the patient), myopathy, changes in liver function and so on. Can change blood biochemical parameters. In any case, Crestor therapy should be accompanied by medical monitoring of patient’s condition. Under observation should be the health of the kidneys, liver, musculoskeletal and so on. Overdose – treatment depends on the symptoms encountered. Hemodialysis is not carried out.

Reviews about Crestor.

Reviews about Crestor on the Internet not so much. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is fairly new. However, if you persevere – you can read quite interesting discussion doctors on purpose Crestor and other station’s. Some of them believe that promotion of this drug as a prophylactic agent for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease – a trick of the producers that strive to obtain excess profits. These experts emphasize that side effects of Crestor and its analogues on the liver and kidneys is a serious problem. Other doctors believe that for patients who have already received one heart attack, taking this medication is necessary to prolong life.
So, one cardiologist said: -“We constantly monitor and you can prove that cholesterol plaques in patients taking Crestor, sealed. And to prevent “side effects” should regularly monitor the blood tests every 3 months!”

Patients who drank Crestor, also leave feedback. Among them are stories about nightmares, a General deterioration of health. But there are reports from those who have not felt any side effects of the drug.

It should be emphasized that it is impossible to independently assign itself an Crestor even if you are sure that you have a lot of “extra” cholesterol. Such questions should be solved solely with the doctor. Moreover, even if you have been prescribed Crestor, consult with other experts, asking them the question: is it possible to do diet and herbal decoctions, do I have to take station’s? Indeed, among the food there are many cholesterol – for example, ginger, pumpkin seeds and so on.

But if you convincingly explain that such a need exists – follow the appointment and don’t forget to take to control blood study.

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