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Suprax Cost Without a Prescription.

Suprax is an antibiotic belonging to the third generation. Active substance included in the composition of the drug, cefixim, disrupts the cell wall of bacteria. This drug has an effect on various gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms.

Suprax spectrum of application is quite wide this infection:

  • the respiratory tract, for example, pharyngitis;
  • urogenital system, such as uncomplicated gonorrhea;
  • Of ENT-organs, for example, otitis media;
  • epithelial tissue;
  • bones;
  • and so on.

Is this antibiotic in the form of granules, capsules and suspensions for oral administration. Detailed instructions of the drug according to standard methods of treatment and dosing.

Low load that Suprax has on the organs and systems of the body, restricts the list of contraindications to three groups of patients. This:

  • people with reactions of individual intolerance of components of antibiotics;
  • children under six months old;
  • women who bears a child and breastfeeding.

For babies first six months of life the effectiveness of this drug has not been investigated and not proven. The same situation with pregnant and lactating women they Suprax may be appointed only for health reasons. Although, in laboratory studies, this antibiotic has not shown any carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, not weaken, the ability to conceive.

Side effects and overdose Suprax.

During treatment, Suprax, usually, there side effects. However, the possible reaction from the digestive system, allergic rashes, headaches, fungal infections, changes in blood counts and liver function. If you violate the dosage regimen side effects are seen more clearly. To relieve these conditions is necessary to provide a gastric lavage, therapy, appropriate to the existing symptoms should be carried out by qualified specialists.

Analogs Of Suprax.

Contains the active ingredient cefixime, also, in tools such as:

Reviews about Suprax.

As expected, the most frequent feedback about Suprax leave parents of young patients. The main part of the message says that this drug has had a rapid beneficial effect. For example, one mother described that, after the start of treatment with this drug, the improvement in the condition eight month old baby came the next day. However, there are reviews saying that some children responded to the use of Suprax allergies.

This antibiotic is used for adults. Usually, treatment is successful. But in this group there are reports about side effects. In the online consultation asked the girl on the background of treatment with this drug, developed severe dysbiosis, and digestive disorders.

You can find issues of pregnant women who were prescribed Suprax, about the safety of this drug in their position. Most participants of the forums frequented by moms agree that antibiotics are only possible in cases where accurately diagnosed a specific infection. And for “reassurance” if clinical tests discovered a slight increase in the number of white blood cells the use of such drugs, for example, Suprax, impossible.

Judging by the reviews and the description of the drug, this drug is quite effective and successful. But, encouraged by this information, take Suprax on their own, without a doctor’s prescription and a clear reading can be dangerous.

Also, you should not discontinue treatment before the recommended time, as courses of antibiotics are specially designed to completely eliminate the bacterial threat to human health.

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