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Cardura is an alpha blocker which is used to treat hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia by relaxing the blood vessels, the muscles of the prostate and bladder.
A selective blocker of alpha-1 adrenergic receptors. The means for lowering the blood pressure, it is also used in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).
Active ingredient is doxazosin. The latter causes the dilation of blood vessels due to competitive electoral (selective) blockade of alpha1 adrenergic receptors located after the synapse.

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Welcome in patients with hypertension causes clinically significant reduction in blood pressure due to the decrease in total predserdno resistance. Welcome by once daily causes a hypotensive effect which lasts throughout the day. Blood pressure gradually decreases: from 2 to 6 hours there is maximum effect of the drug. In patients with arterial hypertension on background therapy corduroy is relatively the same as blood pressure in the standing position and the supine position. For even prolonged use of the (in contrast to other antihypertensive drugs non-selective action) is not observed the development of tolerance to the drug. During therapy occur rarely gain rezinovoj activity of blood plasma, heart palpitations. Doxazosin reduces the index of the atherogenic potential of blood, the concentration of total triglycerides and total cholesterol. Given the link between arterial hypertension and changes of lipid metabolism in atherosclerosis (IHD) the simultaneous action of the and lipid metabolism, and blood pressure helps to reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease.

Therapy with doxazosin cause a decrease in symptoms of myocardial hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, inhibition of aggregation properties of platelets. In addition, a increase the sensitivity of tissues to the effects of insulin in patients with impaired its production. Controlled clinical trials of doxazosin in patients with hypertension showed that it does not affect the erection. Patients who took doxazosin, proved less likely to have experienced erectile dysfunction compared to patients who were prescribed other drugs to reduce blood pressure.

A has no negative influence on metabolism, therefore it can be prescribed for patients with asthma, diabetes, elderly patients, patients with cardiovascular failure. Studies in vitro have shown antioxidant capabilities biometabolic doxazosin (6-, 7 – gidroximetabolitov) in the case of blood close to 5 mmol.

The appointment of a in patients with manifestations of prostatic hyperplasia benign (BPH) provides a reduction in the severity of symptoms and improve urodynamics. The action of the is explained by the selective blockade of alpha1 adrenergic receptors of the capsule and stroma of the prostate, tissue in the bladder neck. Doxazosin is a potent blocker of alpha 1 receptors of subtype IA contained in the prostate gland and account for 70 % of all adrenergic receptors. Because of this and there is a positive effect for BPH.

Supportive therapy for BPH is quite effective, as proven due to the observation of patients who took cardura for 48 months. The same study has shown a high safety profile long-term use. Doxazosin After oral administration is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The concentration of active substance in blood plasma reaches the maximum value after about 120 minutes. Elimination from plasma is biphasic. The half-life of doxazosin is 22 hours, so you can use it once during the day.
A biotransformation in the liver, less than 5% of the administered dose is eliminated by the kidneys in unchanged form.
In patients with renal failure significant changes in the pharmacokinetics have not been identified. Today little data on the use of doxazosin in patients with impaired liver function, therefore, in the case of hepatic failure the drug is given with caution. Associated proteins the blood of 98 % of the dose.

Reviews about Cardura.

Reviews about the treatment Cardura appreciated the effectiveness of this drug in the treatment of both hypertension and prostate hyperplasia. Evidence of the emergence of adverse events are rare.


Before taking the patient should be made aware of your doctor about measures of self-care with symptoms of postural hypotension. You also need to prevent ill that in the very beginning of therapy, possible dizziness, General weakness. Welcome by may degrade the ability psichowegetativeh response that should be taken into account by drivers and persons working with complex machinery.

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