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Amaryl is a means of reducing “blood sugar”. It works due to the substance glimepiride. This drug stimulates cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. These tissues become more sensitive to glucose.

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Buy Amaryl Online
In addition, it is assumed that this drug has the ability to enhance glucose uptake by tissues (e.g., muscle), to inhibit the release of glucose from the liver.
But Amaryl noted and other effects:

  • The reduction of platelet aggregation and blood thinning;
  • Normalization of fat metabolism;
  • The antioxidant effect.

Amaryl is used for:

  • Diabetes mellitus type – alone or in combination with insulin or Metformin (Glucophage, Ciofora).

Produce a Amaryl tablets. How to start and how to treat says the manual of the drug, but, of course, the main recommendations should be given to the patient by the doctor. It is very important to observe the instructions and continuously monitor the concentration of glucose in the blood. In the annotation lists all aspects of therapy with Amaryl: initiation of treatment, selection of dose, including for patients with disorders of the kidneys and liver, the duration of the course, the transition from the other hypoglycemic drug, use in combination with insulin and so on.

Amaryl is contraindicated in:

  • Diabetes of the first type;
  • Precome and diabetic coma;
  • Severe dysfunction of liver or kidney disease;
  • Hereditary disorders of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding (penetrates to the fetus through the placental barrier and is excreted in milk; pregnant or planning conception should be translated to treatment with insulin) and juvenile patients (no data on the effectiveness).

– with caution –

  • G6PD deficiency;
  • Changing diet and lifestyle;
  • Disorders of the digestive system are associated with worsening absorption.

During the first weeks of taking Amaryl requires constant monitoring of the patient’s condition in order to avoid hypoglycemia.

Side effects and overdose Amaryl.

Of course, the main undesirable condition which can develop when taking this drug is the decrease in the concentration of sugar in the blood to levels below normal – hypoglycemia. Her symptoms are: feeling of weakness, dizziness, tremor, emotional excitement, strong feelings of hunger, nausea, a slower or faster heart rate, blurred vision and so on. The heavier hypoglycemia (lower glucose level), the more severe are these symptoms (eg, impairment of consciousness, up to its loss or insanity). Sometimes the clinical picture of hypoglycemia are similar to a stroke. The main task – to quickly restore the normal level of glucose.

Amaryl also has an effect on the digestive system, vision, blood, and others causes allergies.

If the patient accidentally received a large dose of the drug or these pills accidentally took people not suffering from diabetes (e.g., child) is a reason to call an ambulance. In order to stop a hypoglycemia, you can dissolve a few pieces of sugar to eat candy. Even if dangerous fall of sugar at once avoided – you need to be wary of hypoglycemia even during the day.

Reviews about Amaryl.

Like any other reviews about glucose-lowering drugs, Amaryl diabetic are full of specific terminology. Without going into its intricacies and “translating” the reasoning of patients and physicians in ordinary language, we can say the following: it is important to use this medication is the right selection of doses and schemes of application.

For example, the forum of diabetics has reported that at night the patient there is a strong rise in blood sugar, and in the morning Amaryl is unable to compensate. But the participants of the conversation (people with diabetes) once suggested that one should start to increase the dose up to the maximum allowed before you admit the ineffectiveness of the medication.

I want to add that to carry out such experiments need only under medical supervision. Amaryl effective when used wisely but can cause serious harm or danger when used incorrectly.

To clearly understand what is happening in the body and evaluate the effects of the drugs, all the people whose health is compromised by diabetes should undergo a special training program “school of diabetes”.

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