Buy Zyrtec Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Zyrtec is an antiallergic agent. Active substance of this drug, cetirizine, is able to prevent the development of allergic process in the early stages and to facilitate the patient’s condition is already manifested allergic.

Buy Zyrtec online
Buy Zyrtec Online

Zyrtec is used to treat various allergic conditions:

  • rhinitis;
  • of conjunctivitis;
  • itchy rash;
  • dermatitis;
  • swelling;

In addition, the use of this drug in bronchial asthma.

Produce this medication in two pharmaceutical forms: tablets and drops, which, also, is the inside. Regimens and dosages of the standard describes the manual preparation.


Contraindications to the use of Zirtek are: individual intolerance to any of its components, impairment of memory. During the periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding the child, as well as, children under two years of age, take this medicine not. Drops Zyrtec can be given to kids starting at six months of age. If you have problems with kidney or liver it is necessary to delay the start use Zyrtec until the child reaches six years of age.

Side effects.

With an overall low probability of adverse effects on the treatment data of the drug, possible headaches, fatigue, digestive disorders. In rare cases, develop disorders of the blood, such as hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, disorders of the liver, allergic reactions. Phenomena of overdose characterized by a sharp excitation, which then gives way to drowsiness. The first suspected overdose you must seek professional medical help. The patient requires gastric lavage and the absorption of excess amount of drug activated charcoal and symptomatic therapy.

Reviews about Zyrtec.

For the most part, the reviews about Zyrtec is pretty encouraging. It is often used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and other allergic conditions in children. Discuss the effectiveness of this drug moms of young patients suggests that, most often, Allergy symptoms pass within a day or two. Some prescribe prolonged courses of treatment Zyrtec. Several reports stated that patients seem to have been getting used to this drug after the first impressive results, the patient stops so much to react to Zyrtec.

This drug belongs to a an antihistamine of the second generation funds, which differ less pronounced anti-allergic effect compared to the drugs of the first and third generations, however, their sedative effect is greatly reduced. There is no doubt that Zyrtec is an effective remedy. But, if you have any side effects or doubts that this drug has ceased to have a beneficial effect – should immediately consult a specialist who will solve the doubts or correct the treatment regimen.

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