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Ventolin is a drug designed to dilate the bronchi, relieving and preventing airway spasms. Its active ingredient salbutamol, which is in the form of self-medication. The action of this drug is diverse: it not only dilates the bronchi (as well as affect the smooth muscles of the uterus and coronary arteries), but also increases the production of mucus, activates the function of cilia – increases expectoration.

Buy Cheap Ventolin Hfa Inhaler and Pills Online Without a Prescription

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Description and Manual of the Ventolin Hfa Inhaler and Pills Without a Prescription.

System action Ventolin increase blood sugar levels. While taking this medicine may develop acidosis (acidification blood). The effect of Albuterol is a few minutes after its administration and lasts for several hours. The use of this medication is indicated for bronchial asthma in the prevention of attacks, consisting of maintenance therapy, often in conjunction with other drugs.

In addition, this medication is used for the relief of:

  • bronchospasm;
  • emphysema;
  • bronchitis.

Release Ventolin in the form of tablets, syrup, or aerosol for inhalation. Manual of drug gives an idea about its standard dosing. To apply Ventolin it is recommended not more often than four times per day. However, a more precise and detailed recommendations for the use of the drug should be given only by the attending physician.

Not shown is the purpose of Ventolin patients with hypersensitivity to its components, with the threat of termination of pregnancy, as well as, children under two years of age. Pregnant women can take the drug only after assessing the risks and benefits Ventolin effects on the health of the mother and fetus. Data on adverse effect of this drug on the newborn when feeding him or her – no.

Side effects and overdose Ventolin.

Common heart rhythm disorders, namely, tachycardia on the background of using this medication.
Possible allergic reactions such as:

  • Urticaria;
  • Edema;
  • Hypokalemia;
  • Cramps;
  • Headaches.

In case of overdose it is necessary to control the content of potassium in the blood. If you notice signs of over-stimulation of beta-adrenergic receptors, should be administered to a patient cardioselektivee (acting on beta-adrenergic receptors of cardiac muscle) beta-blockers.

Reviews about Ventolin.

This drug (in the form of a syrup) can be administered to children diagnosed with bronchitis, the risk of developing obstruction. Some mothers do not fully understand the principle of action of Ventolin and trying to “choose” from multiple prescribed medications are one. For example, one woman in quite the review about Vitaline told that gives the drug to his son with bronchitis, but no improvement watching. Soon the message came reviews from other parents who explained that in any case it was impossible to independently cancel anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Here, in the discussion of the action of Ventolin on children, you can read that many young patients react to this medicine hyperactivity.

Adult patients with asthma often report that Ventolin “ceased to operate”, “attacks does not remove”. Obviously, in this case, you must go to your doctor and decide on the appropriate change of regimen. Because it’s not the drug that somehow lost its efficiency, and in changing the condition of the patient.

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