Unisom is used for treating occasional sleeplessness.

Unisom (Donormyl) is a drug that improves sleep quality and is also known for its sedative, soporific effect. As substances active in the composition of this medicine used doxylamine. This component belongs to the category of histamine blockers and m-choline receptors.

Buy Unisom Online
Buy Unisom Online

The drug Unisom allows you to optimize and speed up the process of falling asleep, in addition, it makes sleep more calm and deep, practically not influencing the ratio of phases of sleep. The main, and perhaps the only indication for this drug can be called the presence of such diseases as insomnia, which is sleep disorders.

The drug is Unisom available in pill form – it can be as effervescent tablets for solution, and coated tablet. Abstract to the drug indicates the period in which it should take – as a rule, a certain amount of time before going to sleep. It is not recommended to apply this medication for those who suffer from such diseases as prostate adenoma, glaucoma, prostate trouble, and also has allergic reactions to one or another component of the drug. Unisom is not shown to receive pregnant and lactating women and children under 15 years of age.

Side effects and overdose Unisom.

In addition to the likely occurrence of sleepiness, and not only at night but during the day, in the process of taking this drug can be marked by urinary problems, some sight problems as well as constipation and dry mouth.

As the soporific effect of this type of drug, more often, is individual, often the patients do not follow the recommendations of a physician, because of drug overdose. For especially high doses of Unisom, often characterized by the appearance of symptoms such as: blurred vision, depression, increased heart rate, fever, coma, convulsions, collapse. Beyond any doubt, that the person who is in a similar condition requiring emergency medical care.

Reviews about Unisom.

Reviews about Unisom those who try to solve the problems associated with sleep, clearly show that the reaction to the drug can be highly individual. For example, on the Internet you will find reviews that the product really is lovely and makes it easy to fall asleep and Wake up easily, however, these reviews often noted the increased thirst in the morning. In other reviews the authors note that can have several tablets, but the drug never takes action. In other reviews you can find a description of the effect from taking Unisom effervescent solution, after which the dream occurs, but a few hours later felt a persistent urge to urinate, and then sleep to recover can be difficult. Some reviewers noted excellent effect, however, mention needs a very long sleep, up to 12 hours in a row. In some reviews it is told about the hallucinations occur. And this is not all the reviews of this drug. It should be noted that in the reviews often mention the fact that taking Unisom can adversely affect vision. Among the possible alternatives for those who are Unisom not approached, most commonly referred to drugs such as “Korvalol”, “Person”, as well as warm milk and herbal tea.

In order to normalize sleep, maybe not enough of sleeping pills of the drug, even the most effective. First of all, it is recommended to find out the cause of a problem, after you try to solve through an integrated approach. Quite often, when the conditions of absence of certain organic lesions, sleep can be disturbed simply because of the inability to remove the nervous tension. Many people like to fall asleep to the sound of the TV, or are a long internal monologue that just doesn’t give the brain opportunities to include programs for healthy rest and sleep. Sleep drugs have virtually no effect on the main causes of sleep disturbance, and often even exacerbate the problem even more. For this reason, drugs such as Unisom, it makes sense to take only really an emergency, but not on a regular basis.

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