Diclofenac™ is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

Diclofenac™ is a drug belonging to the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This drug has also analgesic effect and reduces blood clotting.

Buy Diclofenac™ Online
Buy Diclofenac™ Online

Thus, the scope of the Diclofenac™ is quite wide it is prescribed for the pain of various etiologies, often associated with the development of the inflammatory process. The list of indications so broad that they are best classified into three groups: rheumatic pains in various lesions of the joints; non-rheumatic pain trauma, neuralgia, myalgia, migraine and so on; the pain and blood loss in certain menstrual irregularities.

In connection with effective local and General, systemic, effects, Diclofenac™ release in different pharmaceutical forms: tablets, solution for injection, suppositories, gel, ointment eye drops. Important information about pharmacokinetics, that is, ways of absorption and excretion, the components of the tool contains the instruction of the drug.

Diclofenac™ injections.

So, an injection solution of Diclofenac™ is used mainly for the relief of acute conditions. For example, strong pain syndrome of inflammation. Adult single injection dose is 75 mg (i.e., three ampules of 25 mg). A day you can make no more than two such injections.

Candles Diclofenac™.

Rectal suppositories containing Diclofenac™, are used no more than once per day. In one candle you will receive a dose of 50 mg of active substance.

Ointment Diclofenac™.

When rubbed with an ointment or gel Diclofenac™ want to process the painful area. Apply this remedy typically can be up to four times daily.

The permitted doses of the drug.

For school-age children and adolescents, the dose is calculated from their mass, multiplied by the 2 mg. that is, for a child weighing 40 kg, the daily dose is 80 mg. Adults should get no more than 150 mg of Diclofenac a day.

Note that, when using different preparations, which include Diclofenac™, its dosage need to summarize. That is, you can do one injection of 75 mg and put one candle 50 mg (daily dosage reaches 125 mg).

In connection with a noticeable impact on the liver, the use of Diclofenac™ has a number of contraindications including:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug,
  • compromising the integrity of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • dysfunction of the blood unknown etiology,
  • third trimester of pregnancy.

Do not use the Diclofenac people with intolerance to Aspirin, children under six years of age, and pills increased, retard, up to the age of fourteen, persons with severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system, disorders of the liver and kidneys. For pregnant women and nursing mothers use of this drug is limited that is, perhaps, only in cases where the beneficial effect of Diclofenac™ is comparable to the risk to the fetus and the mother’s health. In appointing the drug during lactation, breastfeeding should be abandoned.

Adverse reactions to the use of Diclofenac™ may arise from any of the systems of the body:

  • digestive,
  • nervous,
  • excretory,
  • touch,
  • cardiovascular.

Described local and generalized allergic reactions hyperemia before the fall of blood pressure, asthma attacks and so on. All of the above, as well as, complex interaction components of the drug with other medications, should urge patients never to appoint a Diclofenac™ alone and do not change the dosage prescribed by the attending physician.

Cheaper counterparts of Diclofenac.

This active ingredient is contained in many preparations, which are produced in different forms suppositories, ointments, solutions for injection, tablets.

For example, this:

The majority of these analogs are more expensive than Diclofenac™. This is due to the degree of purification and a special production technology of shell of the tablets, which reduces the potential risk to the digestive system. Only Ortofen can be purchased cheaper.

Reviews about Diclofenac.

Most of those who left their reviews on Diclofenac™, and mentioned its side effects. History people different: someone who complains of heartburn and sore stomach, someone on the heaviness on the right side in the liver. Described and more severe reactions: development of internal bleeding, excruciating headache, erectile dysfunction. The efficacy of Diclofenac™ confirms that about half of patients.

This drug is used in different States in some cases it is indispensable. So often, we have to put up with numerous side effects of Diclofenac. It may be advisable, taking into account possible negative consequences, to try to minimize the load on the body: to choose a diet, lifestyle. About it is to consult with your doctor he should tell and how to behave with the appearance of severe side effects.

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