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Sinemet is a drug to combat Parkinson’s symptoms. The active ingredients of this drug, levodopa and carbidopa, stimulate the formation of dopamine in the brain and block the formation in other systems of the body. Due to the combined action of both components Sinemet – this drug is more effective than single agents. Apply this medicine only for patients with the syndrome or Parkinson’s disease.

Buy sinemet Online
Buy sinemet Online

Sinemet comes in tablet form with equal content of both active ingredients. On how to properly selected individual dose of this medicine is according to the instruction of the drug. Taking the Sinemet begins with small amounts that gradually, over time, increase until you reach the most comfortable for the patient condition. If before using this drug were taking other products that contain only one component, namely, l-DOPA – should be repealed. Reception Sinemet should be regular and orderly, as when a sudden termination, may have very bad conditions. No less dangerous and overdose of this drug.

Contraindicated use of the drug if:

  • you are hypersensitive to any of its components;
  • concurrent medications that are MAO inhibitors;
  • some skin diseases, including melanoma;
  • severe violations of liver or kidney disease;
  • glaucoma certain types;
  • pregnancy and breast feeding.

Any decompensated state must be a reason for especially careful assignment Sinemet. The possibility of taking this drug children, during pregnancy and lactation is not specifically investigated. However, in laboratory animals, in connection with the admission of active ingredients Sinemet, observed pathological changes of the skeleton and internal organs. The side effects observed in patients taking this medication often depend on the dosage and disappear in a timely manner reducing the consumed amount of the drug. The list of possible States caused by the Sinemet is very long lasting and affects all systems of the body. These phenomena, in the majority, are quite heavy and uncomfortable, so any arbitrariness with regards to the dose change, the beginning of treatment or drug discontinuation, and can be no question.

Sinemet Reviews.

Reading the reviews about Sinemet, quite often you can find the statement that the drug had no beneficial effect on patients. For example, one lady told me that taking it for the past three years, but the effect is not noticed. There are other messages that say that Sinemet is the main drug therapy of parkinsonism and successfully relieves the intensity of his symptoms.

Apparently, the effect of pill can be described as individual. And, of course, it is impossible to find the right ratio doses, different drugs, schemes of their admission on their own. Patients and their families should make every effort to search for a decent specialist, which, in turn, will monitor the patient’s condition and promptly correct destination.

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