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We already wrote about the drugs helps with stress and depression, will talk about one such drug is the Fluoxetine.
Fluoxetine is an antidepressant and is used to treat depression of various origin, OCD (obsessive-compulsive States), bulimia. Its action is based on the fact that this drug helps retain the body’s “pleasure hormone” – serotonin. Also suppresses appetite, which is particularly beneficial in patients with bouts of overeating.
Release drug in capsules containing 10 or 20 mg of active substance, that take up to three times daily with or without food.

Buy Cheap Fluoxetine Without a Prescription Free Shipping


Analogs of Fluoxetine: Malegra FXT, Malegra FXT Plus, Sarafem.

Drug is not administered in combination with certain drugs, some disorders of the kidneys and liver, diabetes, convulsive syndrome of various origins, Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, breastfeeding, low body weight, suicidal inclinations. In all cases, assess the risk of complications and expected benefits from taking Fluoxetine, treated with caution.

The list of possible side effects of the drug – severe: severe abnormalities of the Central nervous, digestive, urogenital systems, and various allergies. In the absence of explicit contraindications and complications, treatment Fluoxetine can last up to several years.

Reviews about Fluoxetine.

Discusses this drug is actively and ratings of Fluoxetine a lot. Many doctors prescribe it – and psychoneurologists, endocrinologists. Often, people are looking for information about drug and start taking it on their own initiative, which explicitly prohibits the instruction of the drug.

Reviews on the use of drug, basically, leave the impression of efficiency. Most people noted the alignment of the emotional state, reducing anxiety. Sedation is more often not observed. Just some, of taking Fluoxetine, report sleepiness, reduced libido, and overall vitality.
As for the reduction of appetite Fluoxetine host – the reviews here disagree. Approximately half of the cases observed this effect, in half – not. On the side effects specified in the description of the drug, no message. But, there were also cases of addiction to Fluoxetine. A withdrawal syndrome upon cessation of taking the drug, describes how the increase in depression, hunger, fever. Probably, in such cases, you should do a “discount” that used antidepressants people with increased nervous excitability, often, painfully impressionable.

The topic for reflection and provide expert comments stating that Fluoxetine is a synonym of another, a very famous American of the drug, “making life happy” – Prozac. Its uses have expanded beyond treatment and has become a social problem.

Therefore, in the application of preparations of this type cannot be frivolous. Fluoxetine should not be used for “appetite control and weight”, solving their cosmetic problems. In each case, this drug can only be prescribed by a doctor and taken only under the recommended scheme to exact dosages.

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