Cost of Desyrel Without a Prescription: description, reviews, side effects, dosage.

Desyrel belongs to a group of drugs-antidepressants. It includes a substance trazodone. At high antidepressant activity, this medicine has a low sedative effect and ability to reduce convulsive readiness. Desyrel is not an MAO inhibitor or a tricyclic antidepressant, which is prohibited for combination with many other drugs. Treatment by this means has quite a quick effect, relieving tension, insomnia, fears.

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Analogs of Desyrel: Trazodone.

Also, Desyrel improves the General condition of the patient, removing the somatic symptoms of depression, for example, sweating, palpitations, headaches and so on. Normalizing the emotional background of a person, this drug reduces pathological attraction to alcohol, return of libido and potency. To Desyrel no addiction. The weight of patients does not change.

Desyrel is used.

– depressive States of different Genesis –

  • Due to organic lesions of the nervous system, prolonged pain syndrome;
  • Alcohol;
  • Psychogenic;
  • Endogenous;

– and –

  • The decline in libido and potency, caused by depression;
  • Depending on the number of benzodiazepine drugs (phenobarbital, diazepam and etc).

Release in pill form. The active substance is released from them gradually, supporting the necessary concentration in the blood at a proper level for a long time. Manual of the drug Desyrel reports that the pills should be taken half an hour before meals or two to four hours after.

Begin treatment with a dose of 100 mg taken in the evening. Gradually it increases, determining the optimal amount of the drug. Doses over 150 mg divided into two doses. Moreover, before going to bed to take a big part of medicine, and less.

For elderly patients and children of primary school age, Desyrel dosage set individually. The change in the number of the drug should be under a doctor’s supervision.

Desyrel is contraindicated in:

  • Intolerance;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • The treatment of children of preschool age;

– with caution –

  • Diseases of kidneys or liver;
  • Infringements of work of cardiovascular system;
  • The priapism in history;
  • Treatment of minor patients.

Side effects and overdose Desyrel.

The use of this drug can cause such reactions from the nervous system like headaches, tremor, agitation or drowsiness during the day. Cardio-vascular system can reduce pressure, heart rhythm disorders. Digestion can be compromised, leading to nausea, bitterness in the mouth and etc. In addition, some patients develop priapism prolonged painful erection).

Desyrel overdose described side effects occur with greater severity. The therapy is symptomatic. Withdrawal of the drug with diuretics.

Reviews about Desyrel.

Opinions and reviews on drugs is very ambiguous. The majority of those who have received this drug, I noticed some side effects. For example:

-On the first day of admission were nausea, tremor, headache. And then, like, gone. After a while I began to notice increased pressure.

-I don’t know about increasing libido I have Desyrel leads to a decrease in desire. Constantly stuffy nose and drowsiness hours to three days. Although in the morning in a great mood.

-My doctor said the antidepressant will not work. It is necessary in the afternoon or in the morning add the other drugs.

In addition to these side effects, which describes manual Desyrel, patients report:

  • Weight gain;
  • The increase in pressure;
  • Decrease in libido;
  • “The focus of consciousness”.

In General, reading the opinions of other patients, you will not be able to understand how “good” or “bad” this drug as it will affect your health. Only in cooperation with him, you will be able to choose the correct treatment regimen.

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