Benadryl prevents or treats symptoms of respiratory allergies or the common cold.

Benadryl is an antihistamine, that is, the way to combat allergies. In its composition the drug does rupatadine, which dates back to the second generation of antihistamines. We can say that Ruppin acts on all the mechanisms of Allergy development, substances it breaks down and turns on the body, affect the aggregate.

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Analogs of Benadryl: Unisom, Sominex.

It is important that, if the treatment is recommended dosage, no observed effect on the nervous system. In other words, Ruppin should not cause drowsiness and depression.

Benadryl is used for:

  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Urticaria (not caused by an external impact, and internal factors);

Release Benadryl in pill form. Take them with or without food once a day. Manual of drug Benadryl reports that its standard daily dose for patients older than twelve years, is 25 mg.

Benadryl is contraindicated when:

  • Insufficient liver function or kidney;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Some rare disorders of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • Intolerance of tool components;

-with caution-

  • Some diseases of the heart;
  • In parallel with statins;
  • Along with the grapefruit juice.

Side effects and overdose.

Despite the high affinity of rupatadine to H1-histamine receptors, after all, some patients complain of drowsiness, fatigue, headaches. However, these symptoms did not require withdrawal Benadryl. There may also be dryness of the mouth. The rest of the symptoms were found much less frequently. Among them are: irritability, dryness of mucous membranes, digestive disorders, muscle pain and etc.

In clinical trials, a study was conducted prolonged treatment with high (10 times above the standard) doses of pills, but the symptoms of overdose were found. It is assumed that when taken critically large quantity of the drug, you will experience drowsiness. Shown gastric lavage, observation and symptomatic treatment to the patient.


If we consider the reviews about pills left on different sites, you may notice that many patients it helps to combat seasonal allergies:

-I am a doctor myself. Now try Benadryl. Very bad acts. Rhinitis is not, although the herbs are all in full bloom and dust!

-This spring I switched to Benadryl and survived the dangerous period perfectly. Now we have to cope with the autumn plague. Hope that Benadryl and then will be on top.

There are reports about what the Benadryl is helping some patients to deal with the dependence Naftizina. Although, if you take into account that this medicine may cause dryness of mucous membranes, its use in this case should be extremely careful.

Of course, there are negative reviews about Benadryl. Allergies are individual, so to get their health back help different drugs:

-Began to take 4 tablets of Benadryl a day. No side effects, but the effect is too.

In order to adequately choose the antihistamines, you need to go through a full examination by a specialist. And it was with a doctor the patient should agree their “experiments”. So you quickly and with fewer losses you will find that drug that will be effective and safe as possible.

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