Flonase is used to treat nasal, congestion, sneezing, itching and runny nose.


Flonase is a drug from the group of corticosteroids intended for use on the nasal mucosa. The active ingredient, which is the basis of the drug – fluticasone – can be used as anti-allergic agent component and suppression of inflammation.

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In addition, decreases local swelling of the mucous membrane. For external local application or systemic action of this compound is minimized. Flonase can be used as a prevention and also, to provide treatment of rhinitis of allergic origin.

In accordance with the scope, and produces this drug in the form of a nasal spray. Manual preparation of reports on the difference of Flonase dosages for patients aged four years and patients of twelve years. Usually this drug is administered once a day, mostly in the morning. Expect the maximum effect is a few days after beginning regular use. Special attention is given to proper care of the atomizer, which is equipped with a bottle of Flonase, it should be washed with warm water at least once a week, wipe with a cloth after each use.

Not shown treatment with this drug if you have allergic response to any component of Flonase in acute period of infectious and inflammatory lesions of the nasal mucosa (herpes, bacterial lesions, candidiasis or other fungal diseases require additional treatment). But be careful to use it during pregnancy, while breast-feeding.

Side effects of Flonase.

On the background of the use of this drug may develop local reactions such as dryness, irritation not only of the nose and the nasopharynx. Improper use of bottle of spray can damage the nasal septum.

Reviews about Flonase.

On the forums, where we discuss the problems of allergic rhinitis and its treatment, you can often find reviews about drug and other similar means. For example, one mother described a case of intolerance of components Flonase:

-My son appeared swelling of the face, he sleeps with the snoring from the nose are profuse watery discharge.

Patients are actively discussing which drug is more successfully and safely can to restore their health. Paired with the Flonase Nasonex is often referred to. Moreover, it is often this second drug is proposed to replace the first. That is, patients with the impression that Flonase is more “dangerous” or causes more discomfort than Nasonex.

This view is opposed by the stories of those people who used Flonase and got great relief in their condition. However, among their messages, many of those that tell of incomplete recovery. For example, one young person described that month of the application drug helped remove the swelling, a certain amount of polyps on the mucous membrane is resorbed, but in one nostril a few of them left and the smell has not recovered.

It is clear that to be treated Flonase – hormonal drug – without clear and sufficient evidence is impossible. It is also important to follow all the rules of admission prescribed in the guidelines and explained by the doctor. Then use drug will bring the greatest benefit to the patient and will not cause harm.

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