Allopurinol works by lowering the body’s production of uric acid.

Allopurinol a drug to reduce production of uric acid in the body. The active ingredient of this medication is called similar drug. Treatment with this remedy acts on the enzyme xanthine oxidase, blocking its activity. As a result, the concentration of uric acid in the urine (and other fluids of the body) decreases.

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Buy Allopurinol Online

It is known that an excess of the connection undermines the health, causing diseases of the kidneys, joints and etc.

Allopurinol is used for:

  • Gout, in particular, for the prevention of this disease;
  • Increased concentration of uric acid in the blood;
  • Of urolithiasis with the formation of oxalate calcium stones, urates;
  • Necessary to prevent the development of renal pathologies in the treatment of cancer, fasting (full).

Form release drug is a substance in the packets or tablets. Treatment should be accompanied by monitoring of biochemical composition of blood and urine (determined by the concentration of uric acid and urates). Manual of the drug Allopurinol is reported that it should be drink plenty of water the amount of daily urine should be sufficient, more than two liters in adults. The reaction of the urine is maintained at neutral or even slightly alkaline level.

For adults the daily dosage is calculated on the basis of current pathology. Teenagers from ten to fifteen years have a lower amount of drug. And children the dosage is calculated individually based on the weight of fifteen milligrams per kilogram.

Allopurinol is contraindicated in:

  • Severe disease of the kidney or liver;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Intolerance To Allopurinol.

Side effects of Allopurinol.

The result of the application of this medicine may be a violation of the functions of various body systems. For example, can occur digestive disorders, mainly related to the improper functioning of the liver. Also, sometimes suffer from nervous or endocrine system, blood, epithelial tissue. In particular, there may be visual disturbances, seizures, thrombocytopenia, impotence, diabetes and so on. From the urinary system can be edema, the appearance of blood in the urine and etc. Described cases of Allergy to the drug.

Reviews about Allopurinol.

Patients with gout often are taking this medication and leave reviews on Allopurinol. This drug many people believe the only remedy which effectively reduces the concentration of uric acid. Accordingly, this improves the health of patients, removes gouty attacks:

-I drank Allopurinol courses. I must say that it is well reduced uric acid. I recently learned that this drug is still the state of the left ventricle of the heart improves. I want to ask the doctor to me have again appointed Allopurinol.

-Probably, Allopurinol alternatives, we have not. Although there are different manufacturers. And they have different quality medication. For example, from domestic I was allergic (hives) and from the Hungarian nothing.

In General, talking about adverse reactions to the use of this drug, patients share this experience:

-It is possible not only a more quality product to buy. Sometimes a lower dosage removes the rash. Discuss with your doctor.

-I have diabetes is retinopathy. But I did not notice that on the background of Allopurinol was deterioration of vision. In General, cut a course with no side effects.

One of the biggest concerns of patients who have already tried this medicine, is the sharp increase in uric acid level, after the abolition of Allopurinol:

-The hospital cut Allopurinol reduced uric acid to normal. And then I have it raised up even higher than it was before the hospital.

-Is the problem the jump of the concentration of uric acid. Before willingly drinking Allopurinol, and now I think that “better” my high rates or those that will after the drug…

In General, Allopurinol is effective no doubt. But to treat them can only be a doctor who is able to relate many factors: laboratory values, the condition of various organs and systems of the patient, possible complications and etc. Remember that it is necessary to control the effectiveness of drug and its effects on the body. These checks are carried out in the laboratory. Evaluated by a doctor.

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